WATCH: Gafni Calls For War: “Bennett – The Name Of Reshaim Will Rot”

Shas leader Aryeh Deri. (Knesset spokesperson); UTJ leader Moshe Gafni (Shmulik Grossman, Knesset Spokesperson)

Ahead of the swearing-in of the Bennett-Lapid government on Sunday, the UTJ and Shas parties held a rare meeting together on Tuesday in order to prepare a strategy to combat the anti-religious laws of the incoming government.

The chairmen of the Chareidi parties, Aryeh Deri and Moshe Gafni, who will soon leave their senior positions in the Interior Ministry and Finance Committee for the opposition, spoke at the beginning of the meeting, slamming the government for the anti-religious laws in the coalition agreements, which were revealed on Monday.

“After part of the agreements were publicized, we decided to hold this shared meeting in order to plan how to deal with the great dangers,” Deri said.

“Seventy-three years ago, when the state was established, Ben-Gurion understood that in order to maintain a shared society, a status quo must be reached, according to which Chareidim and Chilonim can live, in order to preserve the identity of the state. There have always been struggles, but everyone has maintained a status quo.”

“After the agreements were revealed, it turns out that a terrible thing has befallen Israel,” Deri added: “The Jewish state is in danger, it’s a matter of uprooting religion. Under the auspices of kippah wearers, they’re going to fulfill the long-standing dreams of Meretz, Labor, the Reform, Lapid, and Lieberman.”

“The state, led by Bennett, is going to destroy everything we’ve preserved for years – the identity of the Jewish state. This government will destroy Shabbos, kashrus, the Rabbanut and conversion, and we’ll have to resort to family trees [to confirm Jewish status].”

Gafni then spoke: “A despicable act has been committed in Israel – no Shabbos, no conversion, no chinuch, no Torah, no taharas ha’yichus. I’ve been in the Knesset for many years, and I don’t remember such a document of defiance against Shamayim, defiance that we have no part or nachala in Elokei Yisrael. There hasn’t been a government that dared to do even a tenth of what is stated in these coalition agreements.”

“Naftali Bennett – the name of the wicked will rot,” Gafni shouted “There will be a war! There will be nothing he can do, this evil man, the partner in these agreements.”

Gafni addressed Yamina voters: “Boycott these people so you won’t share a chelek and nachala with them.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Naftali Bennett – the name of the wicked will rot Is he heading up to same sudden heart attack that ended Stalin’s regime on פורים , of 1953?

  2. How right they are. This is a Jewish State with pig eaters who dont want to accept religious people.And what does Bennet do? nothing he is now prime minister and the rest doesn’t bather him.He should take down his kippah and not tell people he is religious. a shame of this government and the so called Bennet from the Smolah

  3. They appear more like spoiled children than yirei shomayim. Is this the way to deal with people you don’t agree with? Is this the way of Ahavas Yisroel? Do they really think that by calling names and threatening war they will convince people to see their side of the issues? With such “leadership” maybe Israel is better off with Lapid and Bennett.

  4. what is wrong with ywn? is litzman worse than bennet?? didnt he speak as well? why did you not mention him at all? isnt he the most famous shaliach kodesh of the gerrer rebbi and head of the agudat yisroel party with in the utc.?

    YYN be ashamed of yourself for the chutzpah and פגיעה in litzman and his rebbi the holy gerrer rebbi shlita.
    i want answer on this chutzpah

  5. I am thinking of buying a copy of “How to win friends and influence people” for Deri and Gafni.

    This is not it.

    If they are so holy, why has Litzman not been tossed?

  6. Wake up to the smell of coffee. Ben Gurion wanted a balanced religious govt? He wanted to remove the “pintelle yid” from Klal Yisrael and u all know it!
    You had Bibi till now, and he tried for “his” agarndas to allow these Charedim into the Keneset but hes the exact same as the new govt or even worse. At least with the new Reshaim, u know their motives.
    Hashem will watch over His people regardless which פושעי ישר׳ are at the helm of the Zionist State. Dont ever count Him out.
    We dont need the Gafnis and Litzmans and Dreis to protect us. Hashem is in charge.

  7. From the way these frum politicians are speaking, you would think that the State of Israel was not the idolatrous and heretical entity of shmad that it so blatantly is.

    Rav Reuven Grozovsky made this – these types of speeches/blasting the Zionists – a prerequisite to joining the Zionist parliament and that this protesting had to be done, as I recall from biayos haZman, each time they would appear publicly at the Zionist parliament.

    It’s interesting that only now do we hear these protests.

    Also interesting is that the general shmad that the State has done and does under the leadership of its current leader – that doesn’t earn a public condemnation of its leader – nor of the other politicians involved – to apply to them “shem rishaim yirkav”.

    But for Mr. Bennett, who has done nothing of the above and merely signed some coalition agreements – for that, this frum politician applies to him “shem rishaim yirkav”?

  8. So silly…. Bennet is much more trustworthy than the chareidi parties…. Pretty sure it’s both shas and agudah members who have spent time on jail an for under investigation for corruption…not Bennet who is a frum straight shooting sayeret makal and hi tech biz man who learns daf everyday…

  9. Listening to the statements of the charedi MKs I am beginning to think that maybe it is for the best that they not be part of the government for a while. They need a time-out. While I am very unhappy about the proposed government, the reaction of the charedi MKs is just outrageous.

  10. When someone mixes Torah with something else, be it democracy, liberalism, nationalism…the boundaries are skewed and the values are lost. If something can be valued in the scope of nationalism, it has value to them even if it is antithetical to Torah values. The same is not true vice versa…they continually sacrifice Torah values for their egel hazahav.

    This is the mamzer of the marriage between nationalism and “torah”. A man with fabric on his head who is further away from judaism than the average chiloni taxi driver.

  11. למען ציון לא אחשה ולמען ירושלים לא אשקוט
    Included in the agreements, are a promise to Meretz to push the issue of public transportation on Shabbat (Sabbath), and a promise to Yisrael Beytenu to cancel the “Supermarkets Law” instituted by current Interior Minister Aryeh Deri (Shas), as well as the Reform Western Wall Plan.
    The agreement with Labor includes the creation of a “Jewish Renewal” division in the Diaspora Ministry, which will fund connections with Reform communities abroad

  12. You know, I’d say “Chachamim – Hizaharu b’Divreichem”, but am not sure Gafni qualifies as a Chacham. Maybe a simple “Syag l’Chachma – Shtika” will have to do.

    an Israeli Yid

  13. I had mixed feelings about the new government.
    But now that I see how the haredi politicians are attacking Bennet, I see that it’s a very good thing.
    The haredi public will be fine.
    Haredi politicians, however, will be losing their ability to obstruct investigations regarding their roles in the Meron tragedy and other acts of corruption.
    I can understand why they would be quite terrified.