The Mir Yerushalayim Cracks Down On Non-Kosher Phone Use

Yeshivas Mir

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The administration of Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem has informed its talmidim that bochurim that do not adhere to the rules of the yeshiva’s technology va’ad will be sanctioned.

In a letter issued to the bnei yeshivah, the administration stated: “In light of the strong response of the talmidim to the Rosh Yeshivah’s outcry regarding the damage incurred by technology and non-kosher devices, which has led to many casualties, we are hereby informing you that all bnei yeshiva, avreichim and bochurim, without any exceptions, must bring their cellular devices to the va’ad for approval of their kashrus.”

The administration is also restricting Americans and other bochurim from abroad from using phones commonly used by the yeshivah communities there, with SMS messages and other software that is not approved by the Israeli Chareidi community. “Talmidim must give in their devices acquired abroad to the yeshiva office (until your return home).”

The sanctions are quite severe. “Failure to present a device approved by the va’ad will result in the talmid being expelled from his chaburah and shiur, the loss of his seat in the Beis Medrash, the loss of his rights to stipends and other funds, and his registration as a talmid of the yeshivah.”

“And in the zechud of limud Torah Hakedosha in kedusha v’tahara, we should be zocheh to abundant siyata dishmaya, and Hashem should fill all the requests of our hearts with goodness and bracha, and the kavod of Shamayim should increase to raise Torah and glorify it,” the letter concluded.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)