MORE HATE IN LA: Man Punches Frum Boy, 2nd Man Threatens To Kill Boy’s Family

Eve Barlow Twitter.

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A man was arrested on Tuesday for punching a frum boy in the face on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles.

“A man punched a visibly Jewish child in the face while he was playing on scooters with his friends,” wrote Jewish journalist Eve Barlow on Twitter.

“A friend of mine confronted him before he was arrested and another man came to the guy’s defense and said he wanted to kill the boy’s entire Jewish family.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. It’s possible Some of the equation is
    If I can’t push around blacks,Mexicans,Chinese,etc
    I can try pushing around jews and kids
    That isn’t a new story
    Los Angeles has a long and old history
    My personal experience when I was a 10 year old boy on my way to Shul one Sunday morning after the clocks had fallen backwards by an hour is I found the doors locked of the Shul next to the bastomski butcher shop so I began to rode my bicycle to Halberstam’s on 3rd and at the 76 station on Beverly got approached and threatened by two white guys possibly 12 and 14 “get off your bike or I’ll burn your eyes out” was said by the older of the two as he brandished a smoking cigarette and walked towards me
    I began driving my bike as fast as possible through the CBS property towards 3rd and they gave up chasing me at 3rd near fairfax
    However a few months later I was playing video games across the street from fairfax high and some high school guys robbed the bike from where I had placed it in the arcade/burger place
    I saw them putting it in the trunk of their “duster” model car and couldn’t do anything about it
    It was a Marx Bros. bike I had bought from a neighborhood friend where I lived in Berkeley California
    Well go-d has more than a sense of humor
    Where the bike was robbed on melrose from is a bike shop for years and years
    However the point is civil places like LA and NY shouldn’t be places where anti-semitism is tolerated and we are sure anti-semitism isn’t tolerated and won’t be tolerated
    However I’m concerned that the rule makers are going along with the masses that display might to make the rules as in today’s news is the Juneteenth holiday making the two new holidays on the calendar of the USA MLK day and Juneteenth
    Freedom and liberty is part of the foundation of the USA
    However freedom and liberty are lost by perpetrators of acts of hate crimes etc
    Heed the signs and warnings freedom and liberty are rights that can be lost
    The kids of the USA have to demand punishment
    Lock up the perp for 25 to life

  2. I am not sure exactly what is Hashem trying to tell us.
    A few different possibilities come to my mind and maybe they are connected to current events.
    1. Achav, the king of Eretz Yisroel went to battle and he won. None of the Jewish people got injured.
    The Gemara says that because there was peace amongst the Jewish nation, Hashem took care of everyone and protected everyone.
    2. Rabbi Yaakov Kamenetsky זכר צדיק לברכה said that in America we are a guest over here. We need to behave exactly the way that you would want your own private guests to behave like.
    I think that what happened in L.A. is a message to all of us all over the USA. I can’t imagine in my wildest dreams that the message was only for L.A..
    May Hashem help us all to judge favorably, to give the benefit of the doubt and maybe to give
    משלוח מנות all year long and not just on Purim.
    In the merit of mind boggling peace amongst us, may Hashem protect us from all the animals.

  3. The more that Jews renounce and dissociate from (the idolatry and heresy of) Zionism, the better in every way it will be for Jews worldwide.