Eida Rabbonim Call for Sifrei Yuchasin


3With the passing of the Tzohar Marriage Registration Bill into law in Knesset, the rabbonim shlita of the Eida Chareidis have called for maintaining sifrei yuchasin to distance the community from the assimilation it feels will result.

Eida rabbonim shlita fear that persons disqualified from marrying by the Chief Rabbinate of Israel will not find ways to bypass this since there will be rabbonim who are willing to perform a chupah. This they insist will lead to assimilation. They warn if that law is followed by the bill to facilitate giyur as is expected to be the case, the situation will become increasingly disastrous.

The rabbonim write

“אמרו חז”ל אין לך יום שאין קללתו מרובה וכו’, והשלטון בארה”ק גוזר חדשים לבקרים גזרות על הדת והתוה”ק. והנה החוק שנתקבל ע”י השלטונות לפתוח אזורי רישום הנישואין הקרוי בשם “חוק צהר”, ומטרתו אחת לבולל ולקלקל יחוס בני ישראל, ח”ו”.

“וחייבין כל ישראל למחות נגד המהרסים ומחריבים יחוס בני ישראל ושמכאן והלאה לא נדע מי הוא ישראל כשר ומיאינו יהודי או פסולי חיתון וכדו’”.

The Eida calls on frum communities to join the effort to launch the sifrei yuchasin to protect the community from the threats that are now being faced in Eretz HaKodesh.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. So, for us lay-folk, how does one get one or get entered in reliable one? What’s the enrollment process? How do “they” guard against counterfeit documents? At what point will someone lacking this document be denied an Orthodox marriage, etc.?

  2. This is a very good idea. It should help prevent intermarriage r’l as well as the acceptance of goyim who underwent a treif and invalid conversion from c’v being considered as Jewish.

  3. 1 & 2 Not needed outside of Israel.

    Wonder who will be disqualified from the ‘Book of Yuchasin” depending on their lack of connect to the Eida? Will they include “settler Jews”, “Ethopian Jews”, “American Jews”, “Jews who vote for Yesh Atid”, “Working in Tel-Aviv Jews”, etc. etc. ???

    Should be an interesting move!!

  4. 1. Actually the medinah already has one.

    2. Having two sifrei yuchasin means a formal split similar to that between us and Karaites. This is what the zionists want since they feel most Israelis will go with “kosher according to the medinah”. The zionist plan is that 95% of Israeli will be Jewish according to their laws, and the other 5% will be a quaint and impotent minority similar to the Samaritans (or the Amish in America) – and they expect us to be that quaint and irrelevant minority.

    3. Unless combined with DNA analysis, there is no indication if a child is actually fathered by a woman’s husband – which is not an issue in our community but is a major factor to consider among the hilonim.

  5. akuperma #5 you are correct. The Israeli government recognizes many non-Jews as being so-called “Jewish” and registers such gentiles as “Jewish”.

    A few examples of these are a) Reform/Conservative converts b) children of Reform Jewish fathers and a gentile mother c) unconverted Falashas.

    IOW, being recognized and registered as “Jewish” by the Israeli government is meaningless and has no bearing on the halachic facts as to Jewishness.

  6. No frumhersh, I am already married thru the Rabbanut. But I would like my marriage to be registered also with the Eida in order that I no have trouble 15 years down the road when I want to marry off my kids.