Chief Rabbi of Tzefat Attacked By Arabs While Visiting Jerusalem


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Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, a leading religious Zionist Rabbi and the Chief Rabbi of Tzefat, as well as one of the members of the council of the Chief Rabbinate, was visiting Jerusalem on Sunday evening when he was attacked by Arab assailants.

The rabbi was in the middle of being driver by his driver near the neighborhood of Ma’aleh Zeitim in east Jerusalem when Arabs began pelting his car with stones. The driver of the car was lightly injured after being struck by one of the stones, and the Rabbi was miraculously unhurt.

“I was traveling near the old city of Jerusalem and they began to throw rocks at me,” Rabbi Eliyahu told Kikar HaShabbat news site. “You can see where the car struck the windows of my car near the driver. Another stone hit right where I was sitting at the height of my head. This was truly a life-threatening experience.”

Rabbi Eliyahu continued to recount the story: “Thankfully, I was traveling in my father’s car, which has rock-resistant windows. My father was protecting me from heaven. The mission of the Arabs was to kill me, but I am alive and well. May Hashem cut them off, they do not have any place in Jerusalem. It is an embarrassment for the holy city that people who do such things are allowed to be wandering around. I expect the police to hunt these men down until there is no one left who throws stones. Their mission was to kill. This is what happens when we allow them a little leeway to build and travel in illegal ways. This is what the end result is.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)