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MK Eichler: The State is on a Suicide Path

EichlerIn light of recent bills passed and in the process of being passed into law by the government and Knesset, MK Rabbi Yisrael Eichler on Wednesday, 3 Kislev warned from the Knesset podium that the nation is heading on a suicidal path.

Eichler warns the government is heading towards chas v’sholom losing the Jewish identity of the nation, suggesting to possibly entertain becoming a nation for all the people, without the burden of a Jewish identity. “This would end all the infighting. We can have an Arab prime minister and perhaps a Jewish president and everyone can live how they wish and do what they wish.”

Eichler was referring to the bills addressing liberalized marriage registration, less restrictions surrounding conversions, civil marriage and the latest, permitting parents to adopt a child of a different religion.

Eichler explained that when Ben-Gurion spoke of a nation for all the people he was careful to take the steps to maintain Israel’s Jewish identity, which this government is destroying. “Perhaps we should bring back the British or Turkey for there is no place for a Jewish country that wages a war against Yiddishkheit…Let’s set up a land of non religious and we can bring the Red Crescent on our flag and the superstars of the United States and John Kerry can live happily ever after.”

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

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  1. Eichler has supported the state, and suddenly discovered that the state doesn’t support him.

    Ben Gurion agreed only to what he had to survive. The founders of Israel favored an ultra-secular state with no accomodation of halacha, and preferably a plan to reeducate the hareidim to make them “productive” zionists. He compromised because he needed support – current leaders don’t need hareidi support.

    While I suspect the comment was saracastic, real hareidim (who don’t take zionist money) have been arguing against the idea of “Jewish” state all along, and recent events are proving they were right, and the pro-zionist “hareidim” were seriously off the derekh.

  2. Eichler, is right. This country is going down down down. If not for charedim who keep fighting Zionist immorality and lawlessness, Israel would not be any different than goyish countries.

    And Netanyahu still insists that the Arabs recognize Israel as a Jewish state. LOL! Why should they be first do so before Netanyahu and the rest of the state destroyers in the Knesset.

    #2 Even if that’s the case, it’s OUR tax money (yes, unlike what chilonim are trying to convince you, we all pay taxes just like everyone else) going to universities, to chilonim who don’t serve and to Arabs while only a tiny percentage goes to our yeshivot.

  3. Time for a constitution is in place.

    A country can have a Jewish identity and still function under religious freedom and seperation of state & religion. It will take a Genius to figure it out…we have some time till Moshiach arrives. Since Moshiach ben Yosef has helped to build the infrastructure in EY,,we now need spiritual aid.

  4. This unfortunately is the kind of hyperbole that causes people not to take rabbis seriously. The marriage registration bill simply makes it easier for couples to select their own mesader kiddushin. That was in fact the rule for over a thousand years until the Zionists created an official rabbinate with coercive power, and it is still the rule in the diaspora. One might have thought that charedim would be opposing coercive religious actions by the Israeli government, but apparently they only oppose such when they aren’t the ones doing the coercion. 🙁

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