Thursday Morning News Briefs from Eretz Yisrael


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ywnisrael.israel20:47: Wednesday Night:

Hatzalah Yosh: A firebomb was hurled on the Mt. Scopus Bypass Road. B”H no fatalities or injuries.

21:22: Wednesday Night:

Tatzpit: At least 2 firebombs, bottles and rocks were hurled at soldiers protecting Kever Rochel in PA-occupied Beit Lechem. B”H no fatalities or injuries.

21:44 Wednesday Night:

Hatzalah Yosh: 3 firebombs were hurled at IDF soldiers near the S. Hebron Hills community of Negahot. B”H no fatalities or injuries.


Two Syrian nationals described in serious condition have been admitted to Ziff Hospital in Tzfas. The hospital has treated 159 Syrian civil war wounded to date.


A number of soldier sustained light injuries when their vehicle flipped over in Shomron near the community of Eli Zahav.


Two Syrian women wounded in that country’s civil war have been admitted to Ziff Hospital in addition to the two earlier. Their condition is described as moderate-to-serious.


The Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Highway will close intermittently until 11:00am to accommodate Secretary John Kerry’s convoy heading to Ben-Gurion Airport. Closures will be in the direction of Tel Aviv only.


IDF soldiers taking part in counter-terrorism operations throughout Yehuda and Shomron arrested seven suspects.


Route 79 in the Galil: One dead and one person seriously injured in a accident involving two trucks.


The Health Ministry has announced that beginning in 2014, Kupot Cholim will no longer provide service to the IDF because it is not cost effective.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)