Shas Is Furious: Kahana To Ensure All Heads Of Religious Councils Are Dati Leumi

Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana in front of the Beis Din in Ashkelon.

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Shas MK Chaim Biton sent a furious letter to Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana responding to reports that he intends to replace the chairmen of religious councils only with those from the Dati Leumi sector.

“If it’s true that your intention is to advance the composition of the religious councils with a guarantee of a Dati Leumi chairman only, this is blatant discrimination that is contrary to law and common sense,” Biton wrote.

“It is inconceivable that after you issued a series of instructions to all authorities to promote the religious councils in their areas while threatening sanctions to all those who fail to carry through, but in actuality you promote only the authorities that are close to you with the baseless claim that that’s how your predecessors acted – something that indicates your lack of understanding of the process.”

“Is there a hierarchical order and suborder in determining the composition of the religious councils or is the only criterion the type and color of the kippah?” Biton queried.

“I would like to clarify and emphasize that I hope that what has been reported is only the imagination of the reporter and despite the fact that the matter is apparently supported by the situation on the ground, it does not reflect your position at all.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The idea of a state religion is that religion is there to serve the interests of the state as defined by the party in power. If the US had state religion, all official houses of worship would probably be getting orders that this week’s sermon was on how Joe Biden’s is a foreign policy genius to whom we need to show respect and support, and this those who criticize him are heretics.

    If you don’t like idea of politicians controlling religious life,then support “disestablishment” – mean the government and religious organizations are independent of each other. In many countries (not the US) the government supports religious organizations, and they know “who is buttering their bread”, and usually the official religion has minimal support (but there are “underground” religious groups that thrive, precisely since they free of the financial and political ties to the government).

  2. Rarely have I so strongly agreed with Apukerma. Abolish the rabbanut and get the national and local government out of the business of either regulating or administering kiddushin, geirus, kashruth or any aspects of halacha. While there may be some short-term transition costs, in the long-term there will be substantial savings by eliminating subsidies to individuals and mosdos favored by the political party in control of the budget and a small “army” of mashgichim, marriage clerks, etc. employed by or contracted with the Rabbanut.

  3. That gh and his ilk support “Abolish the rabbanut“ should be enough to prove that it must be bad for Judaism!

    as for mr. AKU as usual he’s in the clouds of North America and completely unconnected to the reality of what happens on the ground
    it would lead to intimidation and degeneration among the traditional

  4. By the same token they should push for the abolition of the official Rabbanut
    of most European countries. Does anyone do so? Does anyone really claim for the benefits of Judaism?

    only when there’s a hedonistic sociopolitical axe to grind do any make that claim

  5. The “Religious Zionists” have been undermining the Torah since before the State was founded, so this is no big surprise.

    However, it is important to understand why the State of Israel does not have a “separation of Church and State” as does the United States. In the words of the Zionist leader (and their first “Prime Minister”) David Green, the State needs to “hold religion in the palm of its hands”.

    The reason the Zionists do all they can to control (meaning destroy) Judaism worldwide, and especially within their Idol State, is that the Zionists, with their odious and fake claim of being “The Jewish State”, need to (ab)use Judaism to foist on the world (both Jews and, liHavdil, gentiles) the Zionist Big Lie and heresy of Zionism.

    The solution is, of course, for the Zionists to admit that their State is a Zionist State, and nothing to do with Jews and Judaism and to stop shmading Jews, particularly the Chareidim.