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UK Spy Bosses: Al-Qaida Is Loving Snowden Leaks

snoBritish spy bosses say that revelations from former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden led to a change in behavior on the part of the terrorist groups they monitor.

The boss of eavesdropping agency GCHQ said that his spies had picked up on “near-daily discussion” of the revelations among his agency’s targets. He said they were “discussing the revelations in specific terms of the communications packages which they use, and communications packages they wish to move to.”

Iain Lobban spoke during the first televised session of the British parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee.

Fellow intelligence chief John Sawers was more explicit.

“It’s clear that our adversaries are rubbing their hands in glee,” Sawers said. “Al-Qaida is lapping it up.”


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  1. As I said on the first day this hit the fan, Edward Snowden will be responsible for the deaths of many people, including civilians, R”L.

    He is a traitor and a mass murderer.

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