Gur & Karlin-Stolin Impose Strict Restrictions For The Yamim Noraim

Karliner Rebbe (Photo: Shuki Lehrer)

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Chassidic courts are busy preparing for large crowds during the Yamim Noraim, especially Gerrer and Karlin-Stolin, both of which are known to be stringent about coronavirus restrictions.

HaRav Itche Meir Tauman announced to Gerrer chassidim on Sunday that everyone eligible for a booster shot should immediately receive it and those who are not vaccinated will not be allowed to daven in the Gerrer Beis Midrash over the Yamim Noraim.

HaRav Yitzchak Meir Gutman, the supervisor of the Gerrer Talmudei Torah, announced to parents that children age 12 and above can only daven in the main Gerrer Beis Medrash on Rosh Hashanah if they present documentation of being recovered or positive results from a serological test. After submitting the proper documentation, the children will receive a special bracelet allowing them entry into the Beis Medrash.

An announcement was also made in the Gerrer Beis Medrash that all adult mispallelim will also have to wear an “entry bracelet,” which will be received upon submittal of a Green Pass.

Karlin-Stolin announced that only chassidim who fall in the following categories are permitted to spend the Yamim Noraim with the Rebbe:

  • Those who received three vaccines and at least a week has passed from the third vaccine (the third vaccine must be received no later than Monday evening).
  • Those who have only received two vaccines, with the second vaccine administered within the last five months.
  • Those who recovered from COVID within the past year and were only vaccinated with one shot can participate. Those who recovered within the past year but didn’t receive any vaccines should immediately receive the first vaccine, no later than Monday evening.
  • Those who have a positive result on a serological test, who aren’t considered as recovered or vaccinated according to the above rules, can participate if the test result is from within the past month.
  • Children under the age of 12 can participate only if they recovered from COVID within the past year or if they have a positive result on a serological test within the past month.
  • Those who are recovered or have a positive result o a serological test must show evidence of Health Ministry documentation. Self-determination is not sufficient.
  • A Green Pass from the Health Ministry is not sufficient to participate on Rosh Hashanah. Entry is dependent on the above rules.
  • Entry is allowed only upon receipt of a designated seat and with the presentation of a special certificate to be issued by the Vaad.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Kol hakovod to these chassidus and their obvious desire to provide the maximum protection to their mispallalim. Hopefully other mosdos will adopt these clear and unequivocal guidelines.

  2. lastword,

    “Meanwhile, the vaccinated are becoming more and more immune weakened, and a greater and greater danger to the unvaccinated.”

    What is the basis for the statement that you have just made?