Rav Berland Appears to be Settling in Zimbabwe


berlAfter leaving Morocco last week following a seven-month stay in that country, Rabbi Eliezer Berland has relocated to Zimbabwe. After departing from Morocco the Rabbi was in South Africa and now Zimbabwe. It appears this was his destination, at least for the immediate future. It should be pointed out that despite reports in some of the media to the contrary, the king of Morocco has announced the rav is welcome to return when he wishes. It appears the issue was the number of chassidim and their families moving to Morocco and not the rabbi himself. This statement appeared in an interview with the king that appeared in a local newspaper.

A private home has been rented for Rabbi Berland in Zimbabwe. It is not know just how many chassidim accompany him at this time.

Rabbi Berland fled Israel to avoid arrest, and if he returns to Israel he will be placed in custody.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Trust me on this. Life in an Israeli prison is better than a rented private home in Zimbabwe. Of course, if Zimbabwe were still Rhodesia, a rented home there would be better than a luxury apartment in the choicest areas of Israel.

  2. Very few people understand what this Holy Tzadik is doing.

    Many of the Tzadikim have said already that it is Assur to accuse him he has his cheshbonos.

    It is also known that those who initially pressed charges said they were swayed by money issues to make accusations against him.

    May we all see the Geula Shleima BKarov.

  3. In Israel, politics is a blood sport. If you are perceived as a threat to those in power, they will get you by any means necesary, including lies and frame-ups.

    Case in point: Aryeh Deri, who dared to organize the Sephardic community into a viable major force in Israeli politics. he got a frame-up and seven years in prison.

  4. Life is full of choices.
    I guess this is the Rav’s choice for today, since they will not extradite him back to Israel. Good to know which country offers that service.

  5. Zimbabwe generally ignores Israel so they won’t extradite, and they’ve given up on their own currency and use American dollars. Their economy is in a severe depression so as long as he has money coming in he’ll be able to live reasonably well since prices will be fairly law. As long as you have dollars, Zimbabwe appears comfortable.

  6. Oh, so a Muslim country does not want too many Jews? There goes your constant refrain, #6, about how Jews in Israel would live very well under Islamic rule.

    Now, before you say that they are only against the Jews that “stole” their land, I will say that if you think 6 million Jews would be allowed to live in Israel had there been no State, you are not as smart as you think you are.

  7. i once tried printing a sefer in zimbabwe, and the quote i received was $3,000,000. Then the guy clarified himself, that he meant zimbabwean dollars, which came out to about $1000 USD !!!

  8. #9 Then there are those that claim innocent until proven guilty doesn’t apply to haredis. (I’m not saying that he’s guilty or not, It could very likely be that #3 knows him and therefore doesn’t believe these accusations, whereas you prefer him being found guilty.

  9. Oh please. He is charged with horrible acts. If he is so stark on his innocence, and believes יש דין ויש דיין, why is afraid to stand trial?

  10. The Holy Tzaddik is of course innocent until proved guilty. However he seems in no hurry to establish his innocence for all to see him in his glory in the chosen land Eretz Yisroel. Where in the seforim is it written that one should abandon Eretz Yisroel for another country?.

  11. one doesn’t use chilllul Hashem to be “mechaperr” on the generation. this is beyond his power and it’s important to prove his innocence if possible. let them try him in absentia and then see if the witnesses will come forward