Video: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Attacks Female Councillor


fordToronto Mayor Rob Ford was caught on video Monday bum-rushing a female Councillor as the council voted to strip the admitted crack smoker of most of his mayoral powers.

After admitting to smoking crack and drinking excessively, the embattled mayor had hoped his 44% approval rating might keep him in office.

This incident is likely to be the end of his political career.

Toronto’s embattled mayor had  admitted to drug abuse, after six months of media reports, police investigations, and Ford’s own denials. When asked by a stunned reporter when that happened, the mayor replied, “probably during one of my drunken stupors.”


(YWN – Studio B)


  1. OMG !!!!!!! He didn’t attack her, he was running torwards someone else and bumped into her. As seen in the video, he didn’t even look at her. As a matter of fact he tried catching her from falling to the ground by grabbing her arms.