Chief Rabbinate Looking for a Grading Service


icrAfter the recent report that exams taken by rabbonim over a year ago towards earning certification as dayanim have not been graded, Chief Rabbi David Lau has taken a major step towards improving the Chief Rabbinate system. It was reported that exams given in Kislev 5773 have not yet been graded, and another test was given this year, Kislev 5774.

A tender will be released on Tuesday, 16 Kislev 5774 in the hope of hiring a company that will provide the service required, grading the exams. Rabbi Lau explains at present there are five dayanim responsible for grading hundreds of exams and it is simply too much. He is pleased that the number of people taking the exam continues to increase, but officials in the Chief Rabbinate explain they have not received a budgetary increase to bring additional manpower on board to keep up with the exams.

What is not being addressed is where the funding will come from to hire an outside company and what are the dayanim who used to mark exams doing since this responsibility has been lifted from their job description. Unfortunately, it appears the new chief rabbis are not making the changes people hoped to see, namely accountability and transparency.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. We’ve gotten along for thousands of years without such a bureaucratic device – but then again, in the past rabbanim were scholars and teachers, but in Israel certain rabbanim aspire to be well paid paper pushers working for the zionist bureaucracy.

  2. Akuperma – so you’re saying Rav Elyashiv zt”l was a “well paid paper pusher working for the Zionist bureaucracy”?
    It was good not have you around for a while…