Prosecution Wants to Send ‘Meah Shearim Mom’ to Prison


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chnIt has been over four years since the story of the ‘Meah Shearim Mom’ broke and since that time, a plea bargain agreement was reached in the case. The state a number of months ago turned to the Jerusalem District Court to imprison the mom for a year, claiming she is not upholding her end of the agreement and her children are not being sent for therapy. The court decided to wait a “few additional months” to evaluate the situation.

The state is now asking to imprison the mom for a year for failure to comply with the agreement. Defense counsel Yehuda Fried denies that his client, the so-called ‘Meah Shearim Mom’ has failed to uphold her share of the agreement.

According to a relative, Rabbi Yehuda Froehlich, an askan in the Eida Chareidis tzibur, reports are untrue and mom has not violated agreements and he remains confident that the case will soon come to an end once and for all.

The story began amid accusations the mother disconnected her child from intravenous therapy while admitted to Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. The hospital told authorities that video footage captured the mom’s actions while the Eida Chareidi stood firmly behind the mom, who is a member of a meyuchas family in the Eida community. This led to violence and a boycott of Hadassah by the Eida tzibur.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It had been proven that her entire case was a sham, a fabrication of some doctors, and yet the prosecution wants to jail her. Only in Israel!

    Hasn’t Dr. Birnbaum suffered enough personal loss because of the harm he’d done on an innocent woman and for not bringing the doctors who almost killed a child to trial?

  2. the “mom, who is a member of a meyuchas family in the Eida community” so it is apparent that the meyuchas families of Meah Shariim have nut cases too. so much for yechus!

    Well lets us hope for the sake of all of the children that suffer from parents like this that she be put away.

    There are too many nuts who act in the name of G-d when really they have compulsive obsessive disorders. we don’t need more extreme religionist; we need more normals.

  3. Miriam, why are you attacking? Do you know the story? Do you know the truth? I know some of it. And attacking is wrong.
    Just imagine if that meah shearim mom was you, and some random guy says to lock you up when you may be innocent.
    Think before you shoot your guns.

  4. The MEah Shearim mom I do not know. Haddassah Ein Karem I do. They are not to be believed at all, to my sorrow.
    If had to place bets it would be on the Meah Shearim mom. And no, I am not a yerushalmi nor a zealot of any sort.

  5. What about the fact that she was caught on tape? Don’t believe the hospital, don’t believe the doctors. Everyone is lying. Is the tape lying too? The excuse making is simply amazing.