Large Theft At Oorah’s Camp TheZone


pdcLate Tuesday evening, following a fantastic Chanakah “ShabbaZone” with hundreds of “Zoniacs” (campers ) and staff members, thieves broke into Oorah’s Camp and stole ATV’s (all terrain vehicles), as well as digital screens and games from the camps game room.

A spokesperson for the camp told YWN that the camp has a caretaker, as well as many cameras on premises.

“The NY State Police are working with the camp by going through the camera footage, and we hope and are confident that law enforcement will apprehend the perpetrators shortly. These items are used as activities in the Zone Camp to give the campers a great time.

The camp is hopeful that the items will be recovered, and be able to be used once again in the camp, to further enhance their Kiruv activities.

YWN spoke with Rabbi Joel Gold who is the Oorah Camp liaison to law enforcement. He thanked the NY State Police Troop G Commander, Major Steven G. James, as well as the Schoharie County Sheriff Department for working diligently on the case. Rabbi Gold tells YWN that the New York State Police BCI Division is tracking every possible lead to try and apprehend the people responsible for this crime.

(Moshe Altusky – YWN)


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    People would rather have their stuff and NOT have to make insurance claims and then their premiums go up.