VIDEO: Deputy Defense Minister on Sec. Kerry Proposal: ‘We Won’t Outsource our Security’



Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon reacted to the proposals that Secretary of State John Kerry is presenting to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday, 2 Teves 5774, including the possibility of PA (Palestinian Authority) representatives at international border crossings.

“Israel will not outsource its basic security needs to the Palestinians,” said Deputy Defense Minister Danon. “After the debacle in Geneva, we will not allow Secretary Kerry to pressure us into another bad deal. We have been down this road before. The last time we allowed the Palestinians to monitor an international border it resulted in thousands of missiles entering the Gaza Strip and endless barrages upon our population centers. We will never compromise on our security, even if it means saying no to our closest ally,” he continued.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)