The Chasenah Took Place in Bnei Brak


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chupThere were many doubts for a number of hours on Thursday 2 Teves 5774 but despite the ex-husbands claims the get he gave was invalid, the Bnei Brak chasenah took place as planned.

YWN-ISRAEL reported that a divorcee with three children was set to marry a ben torah who is close to the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita. However, her ex-husband claimed his get was coerced and therefore invalid, insisting he never divorced his wife.

Dayanim and admorim were reviewing the case until shortly before the chasenah was set to take place and the psak halacha was the get was indeed valid and the woman was free to marry on Thursday night.

The story ends with a chasenah and the two were united in Bnei Brak in the presence of the Vishnitzer Rebbe Shlita and many rabbonim. There were many tears of joy as the two were united, and for many, seeing the rebbe dancing with the chosson was a moment of true joy as all doubts concerning the get of the kallah was pushed aside as gedolei yisrael were present to be part of the simcha.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This article and the previous one is so one sided. I have been following this story when it actually happened. when the guy came to NY and When the guy almost died etc. I also know that 75% of rabbanim have not approved the get. Including in those are Rav Wosner, Rav Nissan Karelitz Rav Zorger and many more. What I also know is that a call from the Vizhnitz Dayan was placed a day before the wedding to an acquaintance of the ex husband demanding a get. (If that get was paskened valid, why does he need another one?)
    I do think the ex husband is wrong- dead wrong- he shouldve given a get months ago.But, I for one, will never allow my kids to marry any children or grandchildren from this union.

  2. “There were many tears of joy”

    And now there will be even more tears of pain as people are tortured and mutilated to coerce the giving of a get.

  3. Did the ex-husband notify any authorities (police, Beis Din, whatever) that he was being threatened with bodily harm, or did he wait until she wanted to remarry and realize he had been coerced? Has be been offering to keep supporting his wife and children (which would back up his claim that he regarded the “get” as invalid, or was he acting in a manner suggesting he saw himself as no longer married to her)? Had a Beis Din ordered him to write a divorce, and if so, how would he justify disobedience to a valid order from the Beis Din?

    It would seem the decision allowing the marriage has much to support it.

  4. Rochelle, you represent everything that’s wrong with the Eretz Yisroeldike. The Chassidishe Rabbonim paskened it is good, but it is not enough for the E.Y. frumaks because of some rumors. That’s what you “paskened”.

  5. Rochelle says:
    “I for one, will never allow my kids to marry any children or grandchildren from this union.”

    Don’t worry, the shadchanim aren’t beating down your door.