Israel’s Daily Cases Skyrocket To Over 30,000, IDF To Assist Hospitals

Illustrative. IDF troops deployed to Haifa to fight in the war against COVID during a previous wave. (IDF spokesperson)

In what is becoming a daily occurrence, Israel reached a new record high number of coronavirus cases on Monday, with the Health Ministry confirming 21,501 cases among those who took PCR tests and another 10,000 who took antigen tests.

The test positivity rate also increased, standing at 13.3% on Monday. The number of seriously ill patients rose to 224 and the number of fatalities increased by 10, to 8,269.

There are currently 19 pregnant women and new mothers hospitalized with COVID, including one who is attached to an ECMO machine.

The majority of cities in Israel are currently “red.”

Abou 2,6500 medical personnel are currently in quarantine, of whom almost 2,000 tested positive for COVID. Health Ministry Director-General Prof. Nachman Ash said on Monday that IDF soldiers, paramedics and nursing students will be sent to hospitals to assist medical personnel.

Meanwhile, the number of COVID cases in the IDF has soared by five times in one week to over 5,000 cases on Monday. There are also 6,231 soldiers, officers and civilian employees currently in quarantine.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Interesting.. I was sure that headline would read “Most vaccinated country in the world Israel sees huge rise in cases as anti-vax scientists predicted months ago that this would happen, leaving experts perplexed coming to the confusion That vaccine doesn’t work”….

    YWN You can still revise IT

  2. joshua45, Israel is currently is NOT “most vaccinated country”, not even close. it does NOT sees larger number of cases than other countries, not even close. If your premises are so wrong, this explains why your conclusion is wrong. If you had time to think about a serious lfe-and-death issue, why didn’t you check that what you are saying is emes?

  3. Joshua45- I’m afraid that’s baloney….
    The vaccine helps to stop people getting dangerously ill. It stopped delta and isn’t as good as stopping omicron, but the vaccine largely stops all varients from mass hospitalisations. No proof whatsoever that the vaccine doesn’t work……

  4. Ha, ha…the poison shot stops people from getting seriously ill?! These variants are mild according to the early variants! Non-jabbed people getting covid now are generally not having serious issues, the most serious cases are coming from those who got the covid shot so it’s a lie that people who got the shot are better off.

    The definition of a vaccine is “preventing people from getting that virus or disease” but these days we have a new made-up definition of “not getting seriously ill”…Ok, keep on believing that and leave us who don’t want the jab alone so we can decide for ourselves whether the shot is worth taking. In other words, if it doesn’t prevent people from getting the virus and spreading it, let us decide how effective these shots are for ourselves and mandates should be banned globally.

    And Israel absolutely has one of the highest rates of citizens who got the jab, some commenters here making up reality doesn’t change reality. Despite the high rate of Israeli citizens who got the shots, they are having high covid-19 positivity rates regardless if individuals were jabbed or not. The shot is working so well, I’m “really” impressed…