WATCH: Israeli Bus Driver Finds Stroller On Empty Bus With Baby Inside

The photo of the baby is for illustrative purposes and is not related to the article.

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An Israeli bus driver of the Egged 22 line in Jerusalem finished his route on Wednesday, and as usual, carried out an inspection of the empty bus.

To his surprise, he found a baby stroller on the bus. But he was even more shocked when he peeked inside the stroller and found the baby inside the stroller!

The bus driver filmed a video in which he’s heard saying. “This is unbelievable. Someone forgot their stroller with the baby. I’m not showing the baby’s face.”

The bus driver is then heard talking to another driver and instructing him to take the stroller with the baby to the office and to call the police.

The driver, Chaim Manor, later said that he’s worked as a bus driver for 45 years but this is the first time that he found a baby on the bus.

Egged called the police and meanwhile, the frantic mother also called the police. As it turned out, the mother had taken her two young children off the bus and then turned around to take off the stroller but the bus had meanwhile closed its doors and continued on its route. Baruch Hashem, the story had a happy ending and the mother was reunited with her baby, who was safe and sound, at the police station in Talpiot.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Whomever is speaking in the video, is obviously an Arab, based on his pronunciation. It’s doubtful his name is Chaim. That’s not the issue of course, but when reporting the news, one should be as accurate as possible.

  2. Yellow journalism. The headline makes it sound like the baby was abandoned. This could happen to any Mother traveling with multiple children. Why didnt the people on the bus stop the driver?
    What I dont understand is why the police didnt contact the bus driver immediately. The police should have sent a car to stop the bus.

  3. This happened to me too! Just I had put my stroller off the bus and turned around to take off my other kids when he drove off. It was a packed bus and the driver didn’t hear us screaming to him. When I pushed my way up to him to tell him what he just did, he looked at me like I had a problem-“Well, why didn’t you tell me?!” That’s what you have mirrors for dumb!!!!
    BH this is the land of ‘everyones baby belongs to each other’ and people held onto my stroller until I got there running and panting from the next bus stop.
    I reported him , but never heard back from egged.
    This literally nearly happens every single day, egged just gets lucky.
    This is totally the bus drivers fault don’t blame it on the mother!

  4. It ‘s purely the bus driver’s fault. Besides being reckless drivers and impatient ( not all but most) they don’t give you a second to get off the bus and then shut the doors and speed on. EVERYDAY i hear people in the middle or back of the bus yelling at the bus driver to either ” open the doors” or ‘ Rega they are more people who are trying to get out.” If anything the bus driver should be reprimanded. Disgusting.