A Split Between Bayit Yehudi and its Rabbonim?


bennThere are growing reports of a split between members of the dati torani community and the Bayit Yehudi party. In fact, a kol korei signed by some prominent rabbonim is making the rounds, accusing the dati leumi party of turning its backs on its rabbonim. Among the rabbonim who signed are Kiryat Arba Chief Rabbi Dov Lior Shlita and Rehovot Chief Rabbi Simcha HaKohen Kook Shlita.

The rabbonim express their disapproval of the party’s derech, moving ahead with its democratic hashkafa while turning its back on its rabbonim.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. It seems that not a week passes without YWN trying to pass off the fairytale of such a ‘break’.

    To be clear: harav Simcha HaKohen Kook is affiliated with UTJ, not with HaBayit Hayehudi. And while harav Lior is indeed affiliated with the Tekuma faction and has indeed voiced criticism of certain policies of HaBayit HaYehudi (as have several other D”L rabbis on certain issues) he has been in a clear minority amongst D”L rabbis who support those same policies. Until the day comes when all rabbis hold the same opinion on all issues (bimhera beyameinu amen!) you can’t please everyone all the time. Spinning that into a split between the party and its rabbis is disingenuous.