Admorim Preparing to Travel Abroad to Enlist Support Against Chareidi Draft Law


_____Admorim affiliated with the Agudas Yisrael Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael are planning to travel to the United States and London on a private jet in a hope to enlist the support of the chareidi tzibur in the Diaspora against the planned draft of bnei yeshivos into the IDF.

The admorim may be leaving in the very near future, in the next week or two, hoping to create a media buzz that will result in pressure against the government. According to a Ladaat report, the preliminary plan calls for making a number of stops in European countries followed by a major kenos in the United States.

Officials in Eretz Yisrael have contacted Agudas Yisrael officials in the United States as they work to set an itinerary in place. While in the United States the admorim will most likely meet with senators and congressmen as well, hoping to ask the elected US officials to apply pressure on the Israeli government to back down from the plan to draft bnei Torah into the IDF or a national service program.

The decision as to which admorim are going to participate in the flight is expected in the coming days.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. Baruch Hashem. Hopefully the Central Rabbinical Congress of the United States and Canada will take out full page New York Times advertisements denouncing the Israeli Government at the same time.

    The world needs to be reminded that the Israeli government does not represent Jewry.

  2. I am curious what sort of support individuals, and especially those outside of Eretz Yisroel, can provide? It doesn’t seem that financial support will help, so I don’t understand what sort of support these admorim are aiming to enlish. Maybe they want us to daven for them?

  3. They will have a problem since most frum American Jews also are extreme Israeli nationalists. It’s hard to be in favor of Israeli policies of bashing Arab heads if you also believe that it should only be secular Israelis doing the bashing, since critics will say “if you want heads bashed, bash them yourself”. Satmar (and supporters of the Eidah Hareidis), on the other hand, oppose bashing Arab heads and as such they can consistently object to being asked to do the bashing, meaning Satmar can appeal to the western anti-war movement who in general tend to dislike zionism (for not entirely since reasons, but that’s not the issue).

  4. “create a media buzz that will result in pressure against the government”

    Other Gedolim ask how can we be sure that this media buzz with not effect the PHYSICAL LIVES of those living in Israel through lack of financial and congressional support? Will senators and representatives hear this message of the dangers of IDF enlistment?

  5. Where is all of this money coming for the travel expenses?

    I would love to be a fly on the wall during one of these meetings with whatever senator or congressman that counts on the “bloc vote”


  6. Your article states:

    “The admorim may be leaving in the very near future, in the next week or two, hoping to create a media buzz that will result in pressure against the government.”

    I hope somebody warns them that for the next two weeks, the only buzz the western world will be hearing is that of the lights on their xmas trees. For the next few weeks the world might as well come to a complete halt. Nobody will take the slightest interest in any public protest, and for that matter, no public officials will be willing to play ball with the organizers to assist them in preparing this huge demo.

    i suggest that somebody urgently provide our closeted friends in Eretz Yisroel with a secular calendar before they book their jet.

  7. “denouncing the Israeli Government at the same time”.

    A Ben Torah doesn’t play with matches and ignite a US governmental war against the STATE of Israel. Besides destroying the best Kiruv tool (Israel) in our arsenal. A plan would be another Citifield gathering and a call for “Tefillah, Tshuva and Tzedakah” to change the harsh decrees. If the speeches are going to be in Yiddish, already the crowd will be reduced and if speeches will be in Hebrew, none of KJ or Williamsburg will attend.

  8. The people are starving, but the admorim demand a private jet.
    I also wonder what they expect to accomplish. No government official will care two bits about their plight of living in a country that demands civic duty from its citizens.

  9. An entire community cannot sit and not work.
    Read the chumash and the navi.
    The jews had armies, the jews fought, the entire community did not depend on others for their sustenance.
    I am shocked that our leaders cant see this.

  10. Guys!! These are very great admorim, part of the great Moetzas Gedolei Yisrael, so of course what they are doing is right, and we, in our lowly understanding can only try understanding what they are doing, but of course we can never criticize it. It is disrespectful to question what they are doing. Of course they thought of all of these issue.

  11. 1818: You seemed to have missed the part about how those wars ended. The Jews weren’t strictly about mitsvos. The the government oppressed the Bnei Navi’im (today’s eqiuvalent of hareidim – didn’t work, were full time into yiddishkeit). And how did the wars end? Galus. Finish up your Taanach. You’ll see that when Jews play soldier instead of concentrating on Torah and Mitsvos, the end isn’t very pretty. Today it is the Bnei Yeshiva who are shouldering the burden of defending Eretz yisrael. Only they are preventing the destruction of the yishuv – the guys running around with rifles aren’t doing a share and are for the most part making things worse by not being frum (for the most part – I know there are some frummies in the IDF, though not in important positions).

  12. #12 of course we had armies in tanach but we only fought when the navi said. This is incomparable to modern israel run by at best irreligious and and worst torah hating jews, some of whom only keep/agree with one mitzva in todays world… Yishuv eretz yisrael, and to hell with the rest of the torah and those who study it

  13. #12:
    And I am shocked that people still buy into the baloney that the leftist media sells.

    First of all, drafting yeshiva bachurim and heads of families working are two separate issues.

    In the closest thing Israel has ever had to a constitution, David Ben Gurion signed what was called the Status Quo Agreement, which states, among other things, that those engaged in full-time learning will be eligible for draft DEFERMENTS.

    In other words, deferments for divinity students and clergy. Something that every civilized nation with a mandatory draft always provided (in the case of the U.S., for most of the period where there was a mandatory draft, divinity students got an exemption, not just a deferment).

    Now, for the work issue. The vast majority of the chareidi tzibur has at least one spouse working. Why, in the leftist eyes, working women are not counted if they are chareidi is a mystery. And, after a certain age, most chareidi men work. Many might be melamdim or maggidei shiurim, but they are working. But in the leftist media, male teachers also do not count as working men if they are chareidi.

    As for the “share the burden” ploy – if sharing the burden is so crucial, why are Israeli Arabs EXEMPT from army service as conscientious objectors, yet they still receive all the benefits of citizenship, while full-time learning bachurim are being denied the right to deferments which was explicitly given to them by the founding father of the State of Israel?

    Can anyone say, agenda?

  14. #13–Speak for yourself about “our lowly understanding” and “disrespectful to question what tyhey are doing.”
    I am a Jew and we, the Jewish people, are not robots and cultists. We question everybody and everything. Especially, these admorim who want their students by their sides and are afraid to let them go to the army. It’s called NOGEI’AH BEDOVOR.

  15. Lets look at this objectively, through the eyes of the masses, who really don’t understand all the issues involved. What will they see? They will see a group of people demanding government benefits but refusing to work and refusing to participate in societal requirements that everyone else must do.

    The only thing they will accomplish is make an enormous Chillul Hashem and give more fodder for anti-semites.

    Maybe if they had any seichal this wouldn’t be as much a problem. They are against people who are NOT learning from going into Frum units in the IDF, or even doing the alternative, community service, which would take place in their own communities. If you want to take from society, you have to contribute to it on some level.

    Plenty of people do lots of Chesed in their communities, would it be so difficult to do it in an official capacity that would fulfill the government’s requirements at the same time, thereby removing the growing hostility toward them?

  16. I sure hope the “private jet” thing is a mistake, misunderstanding, or something like that.

    EasyJet should do fine for Tel Aviv – London. And from there the cheapest airline should do fine.

    As straightshooter says – “The kollel guys are starving. save money and give it to the kollel guys”. Allow me to add that not only ‘kollel guys’ can be in a difficult situation; so can many others.

    I myself am OK now, B”H, but like many I wouldn’t be able to survive a single month without my salary.