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Yishuv Bat Ayin Sends a Stern Message to the Extremists

bataFor many, Yishuv Bat Ayin is synonymous with extremist behavior and a total disrespect for law enforcement agencies. According to the daily Maariv, quoting the head of the community council Elchi Fine, things are changing for the better.

There have been many attacks against Arabs and even IDF soldiers attributed to residents of the community. In one case, a number of residents were arrested in connection with a firebomb attack against an Arab taxicab. According to Fine, the straw that broke the camel’s back was an incident that took place a number of weeks ago in which masked men attacked an Arab truck driver at the community entrance. IDF soldiers responding to the incident were then attacked by the same people.

Fine says residents are fed up with the bad reputation, so much so they are now cooperating with police of the National Crimes Unit, providing information which will lead to the arrest of some of the extremists. The community is taking action to oust those families that identify with the extremist, but it appears this effort is only partially successful at best.

“We are willing to do what it takes to halt the violence” Fine is quoted saying. In addition, the community has finally announced a willingness to have a security fence built around parts of the yishuv, which to date has been contested by the so-called extremists, who feel such a move exhibits weakness and defines a community’s boundaries, which they did not wish to do.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)

4 Responses

  1. What a misleading article. In all of this time there has not been one charge against someone in our yeshuv connected with the firebomb incident. Believe me if they could have found even a smidgen of evidence there would have been a jail sentence. Yet the article makes residents of Bat Ayin involved.
    What happened with the soldier is not acceptable as it was not acceptable to attack an arab doing what he was doing, dropping items off outside of the yeshuv. We all condemn this and do not want people involved in that kind of thing in our community.
    There is a group of children that have grown up with 2 murders and several thefts perpetuated by Arabs. All of us have seen, heard or been a part of the attacks that happen in the Gush. They are almost daily. Others have been killed due to murderous stones lobbed through windshields. I understand why the arab was attacked even if I do not condone it. Even with the injustice all around us we can not be unjust
    May HaShem remove those that are against us from our Land and may he heals us from the spiritual wounds of thousands of years of physical and spiritual beatings and abuse.
    One more thing, that is a very very old picture of Bat Ayin. It needs updated. I think that’s all I have to say about that article.

  2. Bat Ayin is a beautiful yishuv with heartzig people. Hope they can work out these rotten apples. Keep in mind, that the ARABS of the area hate Bat Ayin since they are activists and not ready to play dead.

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