Video Of Elad Terrorist With Cigarette After Arrest Sparks Outrage


The bloodthirsty murderous Elad terrorists, who were caught in a forested area near Elad on Sunday, readily admitted to the attack, in which they murdered three people and severely injured three others.

The terrorists were found in a weakened state after spending 62 hours with little access to food and water.

In the video below, terrorist Assad Al Rafai identified himself and admitted to the attack, claiming that he doesn’t remember “exactly what happened but we hit people.”

Many social media users expressed outrage over the following video, which shows one of the terrorists smoking a cigarette shortly after he was caught. “I just left the Chabakuk home, where the six-year-old is still in a state of shock after witnessing his father’s skull being smashed in,” a Channel 13 News reporter wrote. “And then I see this video. The terrorist already received a cigarette at the site of his capture. In what state are we living?!”

Security forces as well as Elad residents streamed to the area following the arrest.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Exactly what I was saying all along. These are dirty sub humans yemach shemom. But the real culprits are the lefty liberal cigarette giving horrible fools

    Instead of beating them to get a taste of what they have done. The stupid Israelis put the fear into Israelis to protect themselves. Shoot a terrorist and risk going through Israeli legal hell

  2. These miserable excuses fir human beings were treated nicer than the Chareidim who were “caught” without masks!

  3. Giving cigarettes to captives whom you hope to interrogate and possibly obtain intelligence on future terrorist attacks or others who assisted them is standard procedure among security forces. For example, google “the Ricthie Boys”, a secret American intelligence unit in World War II, most of whom were German-born Jews who had emigrated and joined the U.S. Army with a mission of using their knowledge of the German language and culture in frontline interrogation of German POWs, some of whom had committed the most horrible atrocities. In the interview, one of their leaders, a 99 year old Yid by the name of Stern remarked that giving the prisoners a cigarette was their standard way of establishing a connection to facilitate interrogation.

  4. I understand the anger but it’s based on immaturity. It’s a lot easier to figure things out when the perp is cooperative. It happens in America (depending how strict they are about not smoking) all the time even today and in the past cops kept cigs around to give out. It’s called Good Cop/Bad Cop. One cop is mean and harsh then leaves. A second cop comes in with a drink and a cig and the perp starts talking to him. Also, a cigarette after a few days of barely any food or water will make him lightheaded and relaxed (like having a few beers). A great way to get him to talk.

  5. Anyone who thinks that cigarette is just tobacco is naive. I am just surprised they published that video with the obvious tactic… Most terrorists won’t just show you exactly where they left there weapon and share everything they know with out some mind altering substance…

  6. When dealing with beasts like these despicable barbarians, perhaps it is safer to have them tranquil and relaxed rather than waiting for an opportunity to go out in “a blaze of glory”, lo aleinu. And you never know. Maybe its a specialized cigarette thay has more than just nicotine…

  7. There are precedents in wartime of eliminating “suspects”. Why didn’t these soldiers shoot them and leave them to be eaten by wild animals? Instead, we taxpayers provide them with lawyers, comfortable conditions, appropriate food and prayer opportunities… what the heck are we doing? What is wrong with us?

    We need strong leadership, not wimps and babies.

  8. Look how nicely their being spoken to… yet they scream at Chareidem like dogs. It’s clear that they’re part of the problem.

  9. This nice treatment of terrorists is outrageous. Clearly we need to hire more Lufthansa personnel in our security services.