PROMISE? Anthony Fauci Says He’ll Quit if Trump is Reelected

(Erin Scott/Pool via AP)

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Dr. Anthony Fauci, the controversial public face of COVID-19, said that he would leave his job as director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases if it meant working under a reelected President Donald Trump.

Conservatives didn’t appear too perturbed by Fauci’s declaration.

Best possible endorsement for Trump in 2024,” tweeted Sean Davis, CEO of The Federalist. “Good riddance to this corrupt, evil little elf.”

“Stop encouraging Trump to run again,” pundit Stephen L. Miller sarcastically tweeted.

“The amount of arrogance stuffed into this tiny person is staggering,” said conservative radio host Gerry Callahan. “He won’t serve under Trump because he’ll be fired 30 seconds after the inauguration. Plus, he’ll be 83. Just slink away, little man.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. I’m a trump fan but I doubt trump will ever fix that corruption. He had 4 years doing it and failed completely on any level of governent. He is not a leader that knows how to get things done his way. There is a art how to deal with our political corrupted official

  2. #2. There will always be a Fauchi on that seat. His first name might be different, but he will be a Fauchi. Money & power works to destroy common sense

  3. בע”ה by Noon 1/20/2025, but here is an even better suggestion for Fauci:- How about quit Right Now?? Why even bother waiting another 978 days?

  4. He’ll quit probably cuz he already did his very important job of getting sheepish masses to participate in what ultimately may turn out to have been a depopulation conspiracy.

  5. As someone with strong libertarian and neo-con leanings, I had trouble thinking of a reason to support Trump (other than as the lesser of two evils). No I have one.

  6. But isn’t he science itself? How can science itself quit, is that even possible? Maybe if he quits that would also be science.

  7. Not sure why the YWN peanut gallery is so excited Dr. Falsi says he’ll quit. If history is any indicator, he’ll change his mind and reverse course at least a few more times before Jan 2025

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