FAKE FOLLOWING: Almost Half of Biden’s Twitter Followers Are Bots

(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

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An audit of President Joe Biden’s 22.3 million followers on Twitter found that nearly half of them are fake.

Fake accounts, colloquially known as bots, often mimic human interactions to achieve a specific goal. Sometimes those goals are benign like following stock market trends, but other times they’re more nefarious, like in attempts to sway an election.

According to Spark Toro, 11 million of Biden’s followers are bots – that’s 49.3% of his total following.

In fairness to President Biden, former President Trump’s government account didn’t fare much better – 42.4% of @POTUS45 followers were found to be fake. How many followers of Trump’s personal account, @realDonaldTrump, are fake is unknown because Spark Toro can’t determine the metrics of suspended accounts.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Everything about this administration is a shame. Most people aren’t happy with the prices of gas and tanking economy. The democrats own this.

  2. Spark Toro better be careful. Alejandro Mayorkas and his disenformation police will be coming after them. Everything with this corrupt inept immoral administration is opposites.

  3. An audit of President Joe Biden’s 22.3 million followers on Twitter found that nearly half of them are fake. At least twice as many votes for Sleepy Joe were also fake.

  4. I don’t even think Biden realizes he has a Twitter account. Plus, how lonely can somebody be if they are checking what Plagiarist Joe is tweeting?

  5. But if the Bots can vote (unless they are stopped by evil Republican white supremist vote suppression), why shouldn’t they be allowed to express their opinions on social media, especially if these are politically correct bots (of course I realize that deplorable bots need to be shut down, but that isn’t the issue here).

  6. Similar to the trolls who make comments on YWN. Obviously many of them are the same people making comments under different names.

  7. The pathetic former President actually believed that 99% of his 80+million former Twitter followers were “absolutely real” patriots… and would follow him to the churban known as Truth Social, the struggling new social media site that has been described as the biggest joke on the ethernet.

  8. Dorah,

    Actually, the biggest joke on the Internet right now is you. Screaming at the top of your lungs that everything’s going great and blaming everyone else as our country sinks like the Titanic. You’re nuttier than Baghdad Bob.