Poll: 73% of Trump Voters Believe Dems Trying to Replace White People; Some Think Jews Are Doing the Same


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A large majority of Republican voters – 73% – believe that Democrats and leftist activists are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color – an attempt that is called the “Great Replacement.”

In a survey, YouGov asked: “Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Democrats are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Democrats’ views?”

73% of Trump voters responded “yes,” while just 8% of Biden voters – and 10% of Democrats overall – said the same. 33% of independent voters also said they believe that the Great Replacement is being pushed by Democrats.

The survey also asked: “Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Jewish people are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Jewish people’s views?”

To this question, just 12% of Trump voters responded “yes,” as did 7% of Biden voters.


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  1. I suspect the “poll” picked a bunch of nutcases and asked them how they voted. If people were afraid of being replaced, they would not have supported Trump (the child of one immigrant and the grandchild of another, and neither one was from England, and his immediate family includes multiple non-Protestants)

    One should note that except for Trump, every president is descended from a “white” whose ancestors migrated from western Europe (and except for Eisenhower, from the countries that were colonial powers who found the original 13 states), and who whose ancestors have been in the US since the Civil War. The only exception is Trump, who while being a western European descent, is from recent immigrant stock.

    While “majority minority” is true, that has always been the case. Originally, “Majority” meant English Anglican, and over time the “majority” has grown to mean “European”, and really “European or Asian”. By the original definition, the former “ruling class” is about 20% of the country at best, and most of them have non-English ancestry.

  2. Can you blame them for thinking like that about Jews, when 80% of Jews keep on voting for these filthy treasonous America hating DemonRats.
    Look who are the leaders of this new Socialist DemonRat party, Schummer ,Schiff, Nadler etc.

  3. The Democrats ARE trying to replace the US population with one that will vote for them instead. How can anyone doubt it when they’re openly boasting about it? What do you think opening the border is about?

    And “some” think it’s the Joos?! What does that come out to? 12%?! First of all there’s not much difference between 7% and 12%. Second, “some” people will think anything. More than that many people think extraterrestrials are kidnapping people and sticking probes up their behinds. It’s statistical noise. The fact is that when you look at where the significant antisemitism is in America, it is overwhelmingly on the left, among Democrats.

  4. The Republican party has almost always been the party of older whites, in general bigots and anti Semitic. No coincidence that of the 37 Jewish members of Congress, only 2 are republicans. Of the 58 blacks in Congress, only 2 are republicans.
    White supremacists do not support the democrats, if they vote for a major party it is the republicans.
    No, no one is trying to replace anyone. This is a free democratic nation, that’s primarily why immigrants want to come here.

  5. to the question: “Do you personally believe that in the U.S., Jewish people are trying to replace white Americans with immigrants and people of color who share Jewish people’s views?”

    Trump supporters are almost TWICE as likely to believe this anti-Semitic nonsense. it tells you something about the intelligence of some of his ardent supporters

  6. I certainly agree that the democrats are trying use immigration to create a more favorable voting pool, but I also believe they are going to be in for a big disappointment, because a lot of these immigrants from third world countries are actually very socially conservative and have a lot more common sense than the liberals give them credit for. The main question is whether the Republicans are smart enough to figure this out and take advantage of it.

  7. RT lies as usual. White supremacists are more likely to vote Democrat than Republican.

    Yeshivaisbetter should better go back to yeshiva and learn some logic. Twice nothing is still nothing. What’s more significant is that there is NO room in the Republican Party for antisemitism. Antisemites are not welcome there at all, and any who exist take care to hide it. Whereas in the Democrat Party they are open and accepted and honored. They may be a minority, but they are a welcome minority, an embraced minority, and they are a growing minority. Pretty soon they will be a majority.

  8. Oh milhouse, perhaps try taking your comedy routine on the road. So proud boys and oathkeepers, white supremacist groups, plotted and joined in a violent coup in order to make sure trump remained in office, but really they support democrats??!!? Refuah shlaima!
    “No room in the Republican party for anti Semites”, yet Marjorie Greene and Paul gosar attended an anti Semitic group’s rally. I guess in your mind they’re really democrats.

  9. And RT continues to lie. Neither the Proud Boys nor the Oathkeepers are white supremacist in any way. The Proud Boys’ leader is not white!

    And no, there is no room in the Republican Party for antisemites. Neither Greene nor Gosar are antisemites. They are entitled to attend any rally they please; that does not make them antisemites.

    YOU have never once posted anything true in years.