DEVELOPING STORY: Hafgana Protesting The 8PM Closure Of The Kever Of Maran HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L Turns Violent




It was supposed to be a peaceful protest, called for seven thirty in the evening, to protest the nightly closure of Yerushalayim’s Sanhedria Beis HaChaim. The decision prevents mispallalim from visiting the tziyun of Maran HaGaon HaRav Ovadia Yosef ZT”L after 8 PM.

However, when undercover police violently attacked a bachur davening at the Kever, a massive riot broke out. In the middle of it all, a retired police officer started belting out stories of hashgacha pratis – everyone stopped to listen, protesters and police alike. Then the clashes resumed.

Kikar Shabbos adds that the family of the late posek hador requested from officials to build a ohel in the beis hachaim around Maran’s kever but the request was rejected on the grounds that not a single kever has a structure around it and they do not wish to set a precedent.

Sanhedria officials point out that the city funds security for Har HaZeisim and Har Menuchos and its feels that in the case of the Sanhedria Beis HaChaim Jerusalem City Hall should pay the bill too.

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(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. This is Bnei Torah? The Rav Z”TL wanted his Talmidim rioting in the street? They can’t come back in the morning to daven? Or before the cemetery closes? They came to riot and light stuff on fire! The American boy said it very clearly. These boys (and they are young boys) need to return to the beis medresh (or their parents’ homes!!) and open a mussar sefer and learn in the Rav’s honor. Such a chillul Hashem.

  2. The Sanhedria cemetery is a privately owned cemetery. The owners have the right to close the doors at 8pm. Let those who want to daven there do so between the hours it is open. People in Israel think they can just demand what they want and do as they please without any regard for societal norms or thinking of others [the cemetery abuts a residential area].

  3. I happened to be passing by at the time. What a waste of time by the bachurim. They egging on the cops and horses and running for their lives. Then they complain when they get caught and feel the wrath of the cops. Idk if the Rav would even want them to approach his kever after this. Probably disgusted.

  4. I am from England currently visiting Yerushalayim. I had the misfortune of attempting to drive through Shmuel Hanavi to night around the Bar Ilan junction. It was scary and reminiscent of the Tottenham riots which spread throughout the UK in 2012. If this is how we “chareidim” are seen by the others not surprising they dont like us.
    So I hear you say they provoke especially the Police. That is as maybe,but we have to strive for higher. If they provoke and provoke we should surely act like we are dealing with a child in tantrum Ignore and ignore again. We should develop good PR people and sell ourselves as choshuva, decent and peace-loving people and not resort to burning rubbish bins (garbage dumpsters to those in US). I had to dirve round a burning skip tonight …. not pleasant and knowing it was put there by our frum brothers was disturbing to say the least……. i dont know just my thoughts.

  5. My daughter was pelted by rocks by the Arabs in the morning in the old city.At night she was walking by the demonstration to get to where she needed to go and ran from the oncoming horses. All in a day’s work in Yerushalayim. These demonstrators should be in the army.

  6. “In the middle of it all, a retired police officer started belting out stories of hashgacha pratis – everyone stopped to listen, protesters and police alike. Then the clashes resumed.”
    The epitome of the perfect Israeli melee…for those who understood the Hebrew you will get why I thought the whole scene was absolutely hilarious, The English-speaking kid was just prototypically ignorant. Oh my, just hilarious.

    “HaRav Ovaadia Anachnu Ohavim Otcha” LOL The kooks are having fun.

  7. No 9

    A skip is a very large dumpster without wheels which we in UK use usually when a remodelling is going on. It sits outside the house and filled with garbage etc.and then is taken away by the hire company on a massive truck. How they moved this thing on Shmuel Hanavi I dont know!!