BRING MOISHE HOME: Parents Of Missing Chareidi Teen Plead For Help [Video]


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Gita and Shmuel Kleinerman of Modiin Illit are going through every parent’s worse nightmare, the total disappearance of their child.

Moishe [Avraham Moshe], 16, disappeared 78 days ago and there’s been no trace of him since then. His parents are growing desperate and are appealing to the public for help.

Moishe was last seen in Meron on March 25. The Kleinermans are completely broken by the situation, not knowing where their son is and whether he’s even still alive.

Anyone who has any information whatsoever about Moishe is asked to call the command center at 02-5013393.

Anyone [in Israel] interested in donating toward the continued search for him via private investigators can donate here:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. A disappearance of a young for 78 days is alarming. The silence of Israeli police is is the norm.
    The Israeli apparatus has shown the life of a Jew is dispensable and time and time again are is silance when it serves them and even ask parents or relatives to remain silent.
    For 78 days a young man has gone missing.
    78 days and the most technically advanced country on the planet is inept to located him?
    It took the police only a short time to find a murdered Jewish girl who married an Arab and allegedly murdered by him and his brother to be found.
    78 days?