“THIS IS HOW YOU GUYS GET KILLED”: Black Man Records Scary Confrontation with Cop [VIDEO]


A black man in Miami-Dade County in Florida recorded cellphone video of an encounter he had with a police officer after being pulled over for not wearing a seatbelt.

The driver, Gerardson Nicolas, says he was on his way to work when he was pulled over, and was stunned when the cop said that his behavior is “how you guys get killed out here.”

Nicolas said that prior to the video, the police officer entered the passenger side door and pulled his keys out of the ignition, even though the car was in park and turned off.

“Threatening my life. I felt like my life was threatened,” said Nicolas.

After Nicolas posted the video to social media and complained to the police department, the cop in question was placed on desk duty and an internal investigation was launched.

However, the president of the South Florida Police Benevolent Association said he doesn’t think the cop’s comment about “this is how you guys get killed” had a racial connotation to it. Rather, he says he believes the police officer was talking about Nicolas’ seatbelt violation.

“People die from not wearing seat belts every day,” the PBA president said.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Don’t care about him or what he has to say.
    What I’m wondering about is, how much YOUR soul is worth? How much has Hochul paid for running her lies on your page? How much does it cost an antisemite to buy WYN’s soul?

  2. The cop didn’t threaten him. He was explaining to the driver a simple concept that pretty much repeats itself every once in a while. When someone gets pulled over, don’t argue, delay or fight an officer because good chance the person will get shot if they pose a threat. Simple. Don’t need anymore Wendy’s getting burned down anytime soon.

  3. Well if the guy was giving him a hard time, then the statement, while distasteful, is true.
    It seems to be that the cop felt like the guy was giving him a hard time, and he was saying that this is what leads up to confrontation, not that he was was threatening to kill him.

  4. the cop was talking about what can happen if you don’t wear your seatbelt while driving; he wasn’t threatening to kill him… lol. what a joke.

    as usual some people making a big deal out of nothing to get attention…

  5. The comment itself is definitely not racist. He didn’t mean that he was planning to kill the guy, only that his driving without a seatbelt was dangerous. He seems to have felt threatened a bit by the guy, and he felt he needed to “talk tough” to keep him from getting more antagonistic.

    We don’t see the beginning of the encounter, so we don’t really know why the cop was so aggressive. Though he clearly wasn’t threatening the guy, he nevertheless was treating him like a piece of distasteful garbage. From the guy’s muttering about going to court etc., however, it doesn’t sound like he felt threatened, but it does sound like he was acting like a typical angry moron who doesn’t recognize the value of behaving when a cop pulls you over.
    Hopefully the cop’s body cam will show the rest of the encounter, and he will be excused from accusations of being racist. But then again, nowadays you never know…

  6. Before The black should complain about the “racist” comment, he should first know how to spell. Doesn’t make sense if you would say in the beginning of the video “being black in AMERICAN” ?? It should be AMERICA!
    This man is a real moron and the cop is probably so done with all the blacks he pulled over, because majority of them would cause a hard time to him/cops, as we all know.

  7. Just another narcissist lunatic seeking his 15 minutes of fame. Only an idiot believes any spliced and edited TikTok video.

  8. Cops should mind their own business and stop this nonsense of pulling people over for not wearing a seatbelt. I’m a big girl and could make my own decisions about my own life – isn’t that the schpeel with abortion?

  9. He wasn’t talking about the seatbelt. Come on.
    But also, he didn’t threaten him at all! I dont even see what the guy mistook as a threat.
    Definitely in bad taste, though…

  10. The problem is that Tik Tok is where this was posted and will cause blacks to go crazy now just because it has the words kill and black in the video even though it makes no sense for them to go crazy.

    He clearly stated – “it’s a simple thing (wearing the seatbelt), it (not wearing one) is how you guys get killed out there (in accidents)”
    Only a missionary would learn pshat like this video

  12. @Yeps

    Why is his comment disgusting? It’s true they can’t spell correctly and the proof is this video it’s a black and he didn’t spell it correctly.

    The cops being sick of them is also true as they have to pull over blacks all the time so again that’s the proof that he’s sick of pulling them over all day!!