Report: Bennett’s Advisers Recommend He Resign From Politics

Prime Minister Bennett attempting to speak at Her Herzl on Yom HaZikaron as he is accosted by hecklers.

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Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s advisers are advising him to resign from politics, Channel 12 News reported on Wednesday evening.

The report named three signs that indicate that Bennett is planning to resign.

The first is Bennett’s decision to “gallantly transfer the position of prime minister to Lapid instead of remaining in the position.”

Secondly, polls show that Bennett’s party Yamina will win only four seats – “a very poor starting point, as in previous runs, polls showed Yamina winning 15, 16, and even 20 seats.”

Thirdly and most crucially is that “there’s a clear mismatch between the members of Yamina and its voters. A poll carried out by Channel 12 News showed that Yamina voters are part of the center-left bloc, which means that their votes won’t go to Netanyahu and even to [Gideon] Sa’ar, and instead to Yesh Atid, Blue and White, or Yisrael Beiteinu.”

“If Bennett wants to survive, he needs to either find a new voter base or break off from Yamina. After Ayelet Shaked said that she’s ready to sit in a government with Netanyahu and is making efforts to establish an alternative government, in addition to Yamina director-general Stella Weinstein and MK Shirley Pinto, there’s no way that this isn’t causing potential voters to flee.”

Bennett’s office did not respond to the report. Other reports say that Bennett is planning to run in the next election.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Well now that taxpayers paid upwards of ten million shekels to upgrade his home and convert it into a mansion, he feels like Mission Accomplished and he can depart. They’re not coming after him as they did Netanyahu!

  2. People, the betrayal of Bennet is not a new phenomenon. Israeli Political history shows that the Israeli political establishment The likes of “founding fathers of Israel Hertzel, BEN GOURION and many more like the ex mayor of Jerusalem were all spies rating out the opposition so they stay in power. The charidi learned the system and now a big part of the problem. We need saddikim real humans who are incorruptible with euphoria for power.
    we need Maschiach. How about that?

    Are we ready to leave comfortable homes in US when Mashiach come now?
    Ponder this.