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TEHILLIM: Dr. Zev Zelenko in Critical Condition, Transferred to ICU

Dr. Zev Zelenko, the doctor who gained national attention for developing the “Zelenko Protocol” – a drug cocktail he gave to Covid-19 patients – has been placed in the Intensive Care Unit and is in critical condition.

Dr. Zelenko has been battling a serious case of progressive cancer for some time. In a recent video, he announced that a tumor had been found on his heart’s upper right ventricle, with a blood clot sitting above the tumor.

At the time, Dr. Zelenko said he was in a “very good state of mind” despite the grim prognosis.

“My resolve to help humanity, the vulnerable, the innocent, decent people overcome this terrible darkness and plague that is upon us has never been stronger,” he said. “And if I have to leave the world, I accept G-d’s will, but I encourage and plead with everyone else to up your game and stand up and resist… publicly against the policies of tyranny that are coming again.”

Please daven for Velvel Wolf Zev ben Leah.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. This is very sad. If someone here is close to him, can they let him know that he should take vitamin D, E, B2 and B6. And also foods that are high in omega 3. B’Ezra’s Hashem he’ll have a refuah shleima!

  2. I like how M comments with a treatment plan of vitamin D E B2 and B6. As if he somehow has inside classified medical secrets that the doctors didn’t know cures cancer.
    Sorry but I’m just saying..

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