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IT’S OFFICIAL: Rav Goldschmidt No Longer Moscow’s Chief Rabbi: “I’m Leaving A Community In Distress”

Rav Pinchas Goldschmidt, who left Russia after refusing to express support for the war in Ukraine, has been formally removed from his 29-year tenure as the chief rabbi of Moscow, JTA reported.

The Moscow Jewish Religious Society, which represents Rav Goldschmidts’s former congregation and office, told the Russian news outlet RBC on Wednesday that Rav Goldschmidt no longer has a role there, although he has not been fired.

“The contract has ended…there is no question of successors, perhaps there will be none,” Olga Yessaulova, a spokesperson for the group, told RBC.

A source with knowledge of the community told JTA that the community did not renew Rav Goldschmidt’s contract partially out of safety concerns.

JTA spoke with Rav Goldschmidt but he chose not to discuss the events that led him to leave Russia.

“As I say goodbye to Moscow and Russia, I am thinking especially of one man: Albert Reichmann, who proposed me for the post of chief rabbi and who had faith in me that I would be able to fulfill that great responsibility,” he said.

“I am leaving a community in distress. But from the outside, I will do my utmost to help my beloved community.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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  1. Maybe those Jews in golus (esp. Ukra!ne, but also in the US) have to finally open their eyes and recognize the writing on the wall. Your time in golus is coming to a close. Wake up!! How much longer will you resist and choose to ignore the signs HaShem yisborach is putting in plain sight for you to see?! The Ukra!ne is right now being paid back for their many cr!mes against the Jewish people. Same we can observe in France, Germany, and all those other nations that are being brought now to their knees. Don’t be foolish and get in the way, otherwise, you will die along with the wicked. You either leave Sedom or you will go down with it. The Jews in Germany in the 1930s missed the signs, and we all know the rest of the story. Rav Chaim Kanievsky ztk”l has been saying for years that the Jews should leave golus. This is not about being a Tziyoini. Forget Medinat. ERETZ YISROEL is calling you to come home!! When the frum here in Eretz HaKoidesh are getting stronger, the wicked Medina has no more chance and will finally fall apart. It’s up to each and everyone of you. Think about it!! Have a great Shabbos!!

  2. sorry Rebbe , you already have left….like a ship sinking you the captain left them , jewish souls , alone in Russia….I trust Putin more than any other leader that includes Lapid…..why, a feeling, you know us women go on feelings….you didn’t leave, Hashem took you out….I wonder why?

  3. May Hashem protect Rabbi Lazar and the other shluchim who have remained in Russia for the upkeep of Yiddishkeit in such dire circumstances.

  4. 2 Shuls are about to hit the jackpot with hiring exceedingly prestigious Rabbis:- 1) Shul that merits to appoint Rav Pinchos Goldschmidt to their Rabbinate; 2) Shul that merits to hire his prestigious son to their Rabbinate;
    & I shan’t be shedding a single tear neither for Moscow nor for park east synagogue on the awful losses they have both brought upon themselves

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