Israel Police Arrest Suspect In Moishe Kleinerman Case

Poster seeking public's help to locate Moishe Kleinerman. (Israel Dog Unit)

There is a new development in the Moishe Kleinerman case, four months after his disappearance, Maariv reported on Tuesday.

Police investigators arrested a suspect who used to spend time around the area of the Rashbi kever, where Moishe was last seen.

The suspect, a resident of Har Meron, was interrogated overnight but did not provide information that would lead to a breakthrough in the case.

The police brought him to the Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday morning to request an extension of his arrest.

A previous suspect in the case was arrested about a month ago but was subsequently released after the police became aware that the tip that led to his arrest was based on false information.

Additional details are unknown due to the gag order on the case that was extended by the court on Monday.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)