Israel: The Breakdown of the Family Unit R”L


chupAccording to Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics the number of Israelis living with one another and bringing children into the world without chupah and keddushin R”L has increased 2.5 fold during the past decade, now standing at 73,000 couples.

The percentage of couples living together in proportion to all the couples in Israel stands at 3.9%. Therefore, 96% of all of the couples, 1.87 million B”H, opt to get married but that number is on a steady decline.

The CBS adds there are 114,000 single parent families in Israel, representing 6.1% of all the couples as compared to 89,000 in 2000. This represents a 28% increase.

The number of divorced men stands at 163,000 and divorced women 254,000. The men make up 35% of the singles while the females only 28%.

Regarding single moms, that number has risen significantly as well as 16,500 of them are classified as single moms with children under the age of 17, representing a 200% increase since 2000.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)


  1. The numbers are misleading since that is occuring almost exclusively among secular non-Palestinians (meaning non-frum people of Jewish ancestry, many of whom are halachically Jews).

    It is added to fuel to the argument that we must plan our survival independent from the hilonim. While kiruv is good, it is more akin to plucking survivors from the water after the ship has sunk, than to (as we hoped) saving the ship before it sinks.

  2. Nahapochu

    Not “the state of Israel.” The Rabbanut has prevented who-knows-how-many thousands of ibtermarriages and other forbidden unions. Plus the kiruv movement has convinced so many to at least have a kosher marriage.