Israeli Gov’t Unanimously OKs Plan Paving The Way For Public Transportation On Shabbos

PM Naftali Bennett (L) and Transportation Minister Merav Michaeli in the Knesset. (Danny Shem Tov/ Knesset); Illustrative. Haifa cable car running between Mt. Carmel and Bat Galim. (By Gilabrand at Wikimedia Commons)

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The Israeli government on Sunday quietly approved a decision that will pave the way for public transportation on Shabbos.

The proposal of Transporation Minister Merav Michaeli (Labor) was unanimously approved at the cabinet meeting on Sunday morning – a national multi-year plan for the establishment of regional authorities for transportation, transferring the authority for public transportation from the government to regional authorities.

The significance of the move is that mayors and heads of local authorities will eventually have the power to decide when public transportation will operate in their areas of jurisdiction, including Shabbos.

The first stage of the plan will see the regional transportation authorities initiating plans for public transportation and implementing transportation projects, with each authority having a representative council for all the authorities in the region. Later, with the advancement of the legislation, the authorities will be delegated extensive powers to publish and operate public company tenders, enforcement, and more.

Within a month, the Transportation Ministry will publish draft regulations for the establishment of the Regional Transportation Authority in the Jerusalem Metropolitan Area, and by April 2023 in the Dan Metropolitan Area.

The multi-year plan will include goals for the establishment of regional authorities in the Haifa and Be’er Sheva metropolitan areas and throughout Israel, including the Negev and the Galil.

Shas MK Michael Malchieli responded to the report by stating: “The transfer of management powers of public transportation from the government and the Transportation  Ministry to the local authorities is a dangerous step that will cause serious damage to Shabbat.”

“Mayors will be able to decide on public transportation on Shabbat. The Shabbat will claim its offense for its desecration and turning it into another normal travel day, rachmana litzlan. These are desperate acts in order to pass the electoral threshold.”

From the time Michaeli, who said just a few weeks ago that she plans to run the Tel Aviv light rail on Shabbos,  entered her position, she began making efforts to advance anti-religious and anti-Chareidi legislation. Before the coalition dissolves, her efforts were stymied by the pressure applied by religious Yamina members on then-prime minister Naftali Bennett.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. the Zionists shmad against Yiddishkeit continues now the Sefardi traditional drivers of the buses will be fired if they dont work on Shabbos, this is what Ben Gurion wanted in 1948.

  2. Isn’t this is the grand-daughter of the murderous Zionist Kastner?

    If the Zionists would admit that their “State” is Zionist, not Jewish, then they wouldn’t be making as great a chilul Hashem.

  3. As disgracefully sad this move is, on the other hand its a wake-up call for jews celebrating comfortably the “Jewish Land.” This is exactly what people need to see. Although EY is still the apple of the eye of every Jew, people at the helm now are unaffiliated with anything Jewish. Its like China and Taiwan and Texas. No difference besides that they’re Jews and are shedding their last Godly principle to which they still claimed to uphold. Claiming to be a “Jewish wo observing the Sabbath is like eating pork which mny of them do too. Ao why attempting to out up a Jewish front when they despise Jewishness and our holy Torah???
    This move is as despicable as its a ישועה that their true colors are at display for everyone even the ignorant of Jews.
    Just like Herzel didnt deny that Zionism is the antithesis of Judaism, this is a continuation of the heresy and makes it more sensible for Jews to see Zionism as what it was intended by their ugly founders.
    What a disgrace but nothing unexpected.

  4. “was unanimously approved at the cabinet meeting…” where were the so called “religious” cabinet ministers? That’s how much you can trust those dati leumi chevre…!

  5. Good!
    In case you haven’t figured it out yet, it is a STATE OF ISRAEL, not a kingdom!
    A State, by its nature is SECULAR!
    If you can’t handle that, get out and sit waiting for Meshiah to come, while more Jews get slaughtered by goyim!

  6. In fairness, don’t blame the “religious party” MKs. They are generally a bunch of naive political hacks whose ONLY concern is to assure that their mosdos grab as much NIS from government tax revenues as possible. They will engage in the same political deals (see headline in the YWN news section an hour ago on the deal for a joint slate of candidates in the next election) and prostitute themselves politically as the money dictates. Given that their “rabbonim” don’t want to directly engage in this political mud wrestling, the religious MKs provide a convenient intermediary.

  7. Kach. U make everyone KACH.
    Ur so right!!last time I checked, Mr Glick from Brooklyn got beaten up in your peaceful Zionist Land. We are absolutely waiting for Mashiach, or rather pining for Mashiach to redeem us and were not waiting patiently. We’re inpatient but hoping every minute that he comes while not being slaughtered here by GOYIM.
    We’re in a terrible horrendous Galus that YOU in Israel are also part of, no matter how much u embrace Zionism. Fact is still fact. ISRAEL IS NOT A JEWISH STATE AND WAS FOUNDED ON EVERY PRINCIPLE that despises our holy Torah.
    May G d redeem us NOW.

  8. kach It seems you either have no idea what this discussion is about or you are trying to adopt these liberal ideas for fun
    seems you haven’t grasped the concept

  9. Kach, you came to the wrong platform to vent. This is Yeshiva World, and we do not share your Zionistic beliefs. Please go vent somewhere else where likeminded people hang out.

  10. As a ultra orthodox Jew living in Jerusalem, I believe the best thing to make Jews more observant is by being respectful of their way of life even if you don’t personally agree with that particular way of life. If I was non-religious and people threw rocks at my car and refused to allow public transportation to my soccer games on Shabbos, I would never become religious.

    Less banning of public transportation on Shabbos = more non-religious Jews becoming religious