Arab Slashes Jew With Glass Bottle In Old City Of Jerusalem


A Jew was lightly injured on Sunday evening after an Arab assaulted him in the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Arab slashed him in the face with a glass bottle and then broke the bottle on his head. One report said that the Arab also beat him with a broomstick, hitting him on all parts of his body.

The incident took place near Sha’ar HaKutna (Cotton Gate)

MDA medics who arrived at the scene administered emergency medical aid to the victim and evacuated him to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital for further treatment.

Border Police officers who were called to the scene arrested a 17-year-old suspect.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. I see blood all over and you call this “lightly injured”!!
    Maybe we should all try to daven to Hashem and ask Hashem that he shower on all the Jewish people lots of wisdom. That area is very dangerous. Why did he go there????

  2. יהי רצון אז דער אייבישטער זאל האבן רחמנות אויף עם ישראל און אונז העלפן צו שנעל אויסמעקן, צעשטערן און דערהארגענען אלע ישמעאלישע חיות, אראבער און שונאי ישראל; אזוי דיינע יידישע קינדער זאלן קענען וויונען בשלום אין דעם לאנד וואס דו האסט אונז געבענטשט מיט (ארץ נחלת אבותינו). שפך-עליהם זעמך וחרון אפך ישיגם; תרדוף באף ותשמידם מתחת שמי ד’ !!!