Rav Avrohom Genechovsky zt”l on Emes


by Rabbi Yair Hoffman for the Sefas Tamim Foundation

Rav Avrohom Genechovsky zt”l (1936-2012) was the rosh yeshiva at the Tchebiner Yeshiva, Kochav M’Yaakov, in Yerushalayim.  There was a period of time in which he had undergone eye surgery and the Talmudic insights that he had written during this time period were quite precious to him.  He had written them with immense mesiras nefesh, dedication.  And now, he was ready to present the ideas that he had carefully formulated to his beloved and precious students.  Upon presenting them, one of his students, posed a question:  “But Rebbe, don’t the Baalei HaTosfos in the tractate that we had studied two years ago say, etc. etc.?”

Rav Genechovsky thought about the question and responded, “You are correct, and I have erred.”  When he went home, he told his study partner, “Come, let us erase the beloved Chiddushim that I had thought to be correct.  Do not, however, think that I am saddened that these insights have been proven wrong.  I am actually quite happy, for I have seen the truth, and finding out the true and correct interpretation makes one the very happiest one can be!”

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