Shas: We Stand with Yahadut Hatorah Regarding Chareidi Draft


nc2As the Shaked Committee prepares to begin voting and finalizing the new chareidi draft law, “senior Shas officials” are quoting telling the daily Maariv that “While there are differences in hashkafa between us and Yahadut Hatorah, when it comes to pounding us over the head we stand unified”.

Shas officials have more or less been silent of late while Yahadut Hatorah MKs have been vocal in their opposition to efforts to pull bnei yeshivos out of beis medrash to serve in the IDF. Therefore, Shas officials are now setting the record straight, that at this time when the chareidim are under fire, they will stand firmly at Yahadut Hatorah’s side presenting a united front.

Both Shas and Yahadut Hatorah appear to be in line regarding those talmidim who are not opting to sit and learn – simply that they should enter an appropriate IDF unit. A senior Shas official is quoted adding “Rav Ovadia always said we are fighting on behalf of the Torah, not on behalf of chareidim, and therefore, one who is not going to learn, there is no reason that he does not serve”.

However, as Ashkenazi chareidi MKs are warning this is a fight for the survival of the chareidi tzibur, Shas has remained silent.

The Shas electorate is not a homogeneous group as one might say about the voters of Yahadut Hatorah, with many Shas voters serving in the IDF l’chatchila. However, Shas officials are now stating that this is a battle of principle and in this case, the party will stand alongside its Ashkenazi chareidi brethren.

(YWN – Israel Desk, Jerusalem)