GOOD RIDDANCE: Intern Who Gave Cake To J-m Terrorist Is Fired By Hospital

Scene of the attack.

Dr. Ahmed Mahajana of Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital, who visited the terrorist who severely injured a yeshivah bochur near Ramat Eshkol last month and gave him cake and pastries he ordered from Roladin Bakery, was dismissed from his position by the hospital, Yisrael Hayom reported on Sunday.

In the wake of complaints that reached the hospital’s management, in which it was reported that the doctor took a smiling selfie with the terrorist and gave him pastries, the hospital conducted an investigation, and the doctor was summoned to a disciplinary hearing and subsequently fired.

The B’Tzalmo right-wing human rights organization responded to the report by stating: “We welcome the dismissal of the terror-supporting doctor. This man’s place is in prison and not in a caretaking position. We call on the Public Ombudsman for the Medical Professions at the Health Ministry, Dr. Boaz Lev, to immediately revoke his medical license. Whoever supports terrorism is not a doctor but a devil. We will continue to fight terrorism at any place and any time.”

During Operation Guardian of the Walls last year, Dr. Mahajana published a post on social media with symbols of support for the Palestinian struggle. Dr. Mahajana’s father and brother are lawyers who represent, among others, terrorists and security prisoners, including the terrorists who escaped from Gilboa prison. They even received a certificate of appreciation from Fatah for their contributions to security prisoners.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)