Without The Father: HaRav Machpud Performs Bris IN A CAR 2 Minutes Before Shekiah


A photo of HaGaon HaRav Shlomo Machpud performing a bris amid a traffic jam is going viral on social networks in Israel.

The story began when HaRav Machupd was making his way to a bris last week where he was slated to serve as the mohel.

However, due to a massive traffic jam, he realized he wouldn’t be able to make it to the hall before shekiah. The baby’s parents, who were in two separate cars, were also stuck in traffic.

Desperate to bypass the traffic, the baby’s father made an illegal detour and was stopped by a police officer.

Ten minutes before shekiah, with everyone still stuck in traffic, HaRav Machpud decided to take action to ensure the baby received a bris on the eighth day and asked the baby’s mother for her exact location. When she responded that she was stuck in traffic next to Ben-Gurion, HaRav Machpud made a U-turn and reached her car.

And so, two minutes before shekiah, with the father still detained by the police officer, HaRav Machpud succeeded in performing the bris amid the traffic jam, with the back seat of the car serving as the Kisei shel Eliyahu and the driver serving as the sandak.

Mazal Tov!

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. The rama in yd רסא writes:

    ואין מלין בנו של אדם שלא מדעתו אלא אם כן עבר האב

    And if the father cannot make it until the 9th day the Halacha is you must wait for him so I’m sure this story is missing the key detail which is that the father instructed r machpud to do it without him.

  2. It is well known that throughout EY and other parts of the ME, a brit performed slightly after shekiah of the 8th day was considered be’zemanah even according to the Ge’onm.

  3. Besalel,. I don’t know much about hilchos Mila, but what you are saying sounds like total amaratzus. A real internet balabatish shita.
    The poskim on the remo only seem concerned with who the mitzvah belongs to, if you take it from the father then you have to pay him. I don’t think that there’s a question in anyone’s mind, that if you will miss the zeman of Mila on the 8th day, that you perform the bris with or without the dad.
    It’s just like the shulchan oruch says: he was oyver and it’s mutal on the beis din.

  4. a great chizuk for all of us to schedule everything we do with some time to spare.

    The heroic mohel needs to review his own actions, though. It is not like parents were late and he was waiting for them. No, it seems that he was almost as late as them, and he is a (professional) adult here.

  5. Besalel, I heard an interview with the mohel on Kikar Shabbat, and he says he called the father and the father told him to go ahead with the bris.

  6. Ibj

    Firstly spell the name of the restaurant correctly! It took me a min to understand what you’re saying. Secondly he’s a very holy Jew and the whole conversation who can eat at sfardi restaurants or not has nothing to do with the actual restaurants hechsher that’s a great hechsher. The question is do you hold of sfardi hechsherem but the actual food for sfardis and the hechsher is very reliable actually!

  7. Areivim: there is a shut on the topic. I believe father was at war during yk war and the shut collects sources that conclude based on this Rama that you wait. I want to say Harav Ovadia but I don’t remember it clearly. I will find and post.

  8. Sorry it was the six day war not the yk war and it was rav kapach on perek א mishna ג of hilchos miluh. He cites his sources there including an avnei nezer although I heard from some Miluh experts that the actual avnei nezer is not exactly as quoted in rav kapach. In any event the Rama seems pretty direct.

  9. It’s my understanding that at 99.99% of Bris, the father appoints the Mohel a shaliach to do the Bris.
    The presence of the father at the Bris is also not a Shaila since there is no minyan needed to preform a Bris or through a phone on live action one can make someone else Shaliach. (Hilchos Covid and saying amen via Zoom Davening).
    So whats the rukkis all the Chachamim are making?

    So Mazal Tov ad 120 shamim.

  10. What world are we living in that whoever wishes can berate a godol or a tzaddik or maybe just a mohel even if you did know the exact details And surely when you don’t Seyog lachochmo shtika