NYC Takes On Its Growing Pothole Problem


phNew York City has declared war on potholes.

Mayor Bill de Blasio personally filled in one on Thursday on a Queens street. The potholes have become a scourge on the city’s roads amid one of the worst winters in recent years.

De Blasio says the city’s Department of Transportation has filled in 113,131 potholes so far in 2014.

That’s more than the number filled during the same period in 2012 and 2013 combined.

De Blasio says the city has added $7.3 million to the department’s budget to help fund the repairs.

The mayor says more than 50 crews have been deployed on weekly “pothole blitzes” to combat the growing problem.

De Blasio says it takes an average of two days for a pothole to be filled after it is reported.



  1. Those little things in the picture aren’t pot holes. You should see the craters here in Chicago. I have to keep swerving my car in every direction trying to avoid these huge holes. It’s like competing in the giant slalom in the Olympics each day when I drive to work.

  2. The mayor needs to take a good look at the pothole repairs that have been done. On the BQE some black stuff was dumped in the holes, not smoothed, and within a day or two they are gone leaving the pothole as it was before.