FIRST REPORT: Massive Yom Tefilla Being Scheduled In Manhattan


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ywbn1Highly credible sources confirm to YWN that a massive Yom Tefillah is being scheduled to be held in Lower Manhattan, in light of the recent Gezeiros by the Israeli Government against Bnei Yeshivos. During the past few days, there was much talk of having a Yom Tefilla this coming Sunday, to coincide with the “Million Man Atzeres“, scheduled for this coming Sunday in Yerushalayim. Our sources tell us that logistics did not allow for the event to be held this Sunday, and instead next Sunday (March 9) has been chosen.

Additionally, we have learned that the event has the backing of the Gadolei HaDor in Eretz Yisroel, including Maran Hagon HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman Shlita, as well as the backing of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudath Israel of America.

Further details on this event will be published as they become available to us.

(Chaim Shapiro -YWN)


  1. If it’s only about davening to hashem, then why does it have to be in manhattan ? Won’t hashem accept our tefillos from brooklyn ? ( where it won’t inconvenience a lot of people )

  2. Further proof that “Frum Jews” don’t really believe in the power of prayer. If they did, it could be held upstate or somewhere that it wouldn’t be a massive inconvenience to an already crowded area.

    In the coming days this story will be “leaked” to the secular media. The event will enjoy coverage and put pressure on the bloc vote dependant puppets of the frum community to get their collegaues in the house and senate to scold the Israeli government into capitulating to charedi demands.

    This isn’t about tefila, this is about making a spectacle.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly with #2 &#3 all jews world wide have to do is spend more time daily davening the way Hashem wants and no harm will ever come to Klal yisroel these events are simply wake up calls!!!!! so let us wake up and all start doing what we are supposed to we don’t need all these asifos they are only an inconvenience and a waste of time (learn instead) .

  4. What happened to the Halacha of following the law of the land, I guess it’s only when it’s convienient for you, if you don’t agree with the politics leave, there is no draft in the US, and right now the government is looking to give away the riches money, so come on down, freeloaders

  5. I agree with the Agudah who is supported by the Moetzes that there should be an Atzeres Tefillah because when thousands of people come to daven hashem listens more than a person davening by himself. The event should be held in Manhattan as its the central area of the Tri State area so this way people from Monsey, Monroe etc have a little less travel time.

  6. daf yomi yid but you know better than the moetzes of america and of degel hatorah in israel and of the shas party and the moetzes of the chasideshe sects the daf yomi yid knows better than these sages

  7. Hocker411: The law of the land is that one is allowed to hold a public meeting to discuss policy matters. It should be noted that the United States never drafted yeshiva students, and routinely discharged as “unsuited” hareidim (they weren’t call that back then) who ended up in the military (especially rare since the US also exempted heads of families for most of the time there was conscription). As the Israeli leadership has made clear that the matter pertains to destroying the hareidi community, and is not related to a need for manpower, it falls under a class of anti-semitic legislation which by halacha never needs to be obeyed.

    #2- Lower Manhattan is uncrowded on Sundays and is centrally located. Most intercity public transit arrives in midtown, and lower Manhattan is halfway between Brooklyn and midtown. There are few large open areas in Brooklyn (Grand Army Plaza, some sporting arenas, etc.) and they aren’t all that much better for Brooklynites.

    #6- Loud noise is needed. Whispering and relying on well connected people failed in the 1940s. We live in this world, and can’t rely on expecting a nes miracle) to save the day. We should note that at Purim they did rely on prayers, since our enemies wanted to kill all Jews, however we are now in a situation where our enemies only want to destroy frum Jews which calls for action in our own defense not hoping for divine intervention (and frankly, do we really want Ha-Shem to destroy the zionists – it will be messy and a lot of our friends and relations would be adversely affected).

  8. While I think that the cuts are awful, I will NEVER participate in a demonstration against the State of Israel while safe in galut. It is exactly what the enemies of the Jewish people want to see.

  9. unfortunately tefillah bzibur does not seem to be working!
    and lbj i am not claiming to know better then those organizations i am just saying that if all yidden are doing what Hashem expects of us no harm will come to klal yisroel we do not need all these asifas it is just done for show.

  10. Who is organizing this Yom tefillah in Manhattan? Will it be the same people who have no respect for Rav Shteineman associated with Satmar, netura karta and hapeles?
    Or is it organized by the silent majority of Bnei Torah who just want to see Torah succeed and do not have an agenda of hate towards anyone?

  11. I would rather a fleet of 767’s be leased and we all fly out matzei shabbos to join with our brethren in eretz yisroel on Sunday.

    Anyone able to lease two or three 767’s?