HILARIOUS: MSNBC Calls DeSantis “Dangerous in Every Way” for Saying Kids Shouldn’t Use Phones in Class

(AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

When you think of dictators, what comes to mind? If you’re MSNBC columnist and NYU professor Ruth Ben-Ghiat, what comes to mind is a sick, twisted man who will tell schools that they can take students’ phones away if they’re using it in middle of class. I kid you not.

“Why are these kids on their phones during class all the time?” DeSantis asked during a press conference, suggesting that schools should have students “leave their phone in some cubby or something, go sit in class and learn” during class time and have their devices returned during recess.

“They should not be on their phones being distracted from the lessons,” he said.

This was a bridge too far for Professor Ben-Ghiat.

“He is so dangerous in every way. Truly an authoritarian personality,” she wrote in a tweet responding to a video of DeSantis’ comments.

He’s so dangerous, in fact, that science agrees with him. Numerous studies have shown that kids being too involved with their phones have seriously hurt their academic success.

The National Assessment of Educational Progress found that between 2019 and 2022, reading and math scores for students between 4th and 8th grade have dropped like a rock in water.

How awful of DeSantis to suggest that academic decline be brought to an end. What a monster.

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  1. This article is total idiocy. The point DeSantis was making is true, but it certainly isn’t safe for the students to not have their phones nearby. If an attacker comes in to the classroom, having phones in a cubby wouldn’t be very useful. If the teacher or another student suddenly needs help, rummaging for a phone when in confusion could delay enough to be dangerous. And in today’s school climate, these are not rare occurrences anymore. So the professor is making a good point.

  2. Hilarious???
    I say Professor Ben-Ghiat and all liberals are professional idiots.
    “He is so dangerous in every way. Truly an authoritarian personality,” she wrote in a tweet responding to a video of DeSantis’ comments.
    That’s right professional idiot Ben-Ghiat would have no issue with kids speaking on the fone during class and maybe directing a shooter where to go… or calling their parents with some sick story… or getting answers to questions… the dumb just gets dumber.

  3. Proves once again that leftism is a severe mental disease and a cancer in society.
    That cancer needs to be eradicated in every which way, or it would metastasise and destroy our country and
    western civilization

  4. In another tweet, Ben-Ghiat added, “It is not the phones, people. It is the arrogance of a man who wants to control everyone and everything: businesses, students, other politicians. He wants to dictate what you learn and read, how you train your employees, and much more.”

  5. If you Ben-Ghiat’s reaction to DeSantis is strange, consider these things that DeSantis has done.

    1) A new Florida law requires all library books to be approved by a certified media specialist.

    2) DeSantis banned African American studies courses.
    (Now imagine if it were Jewish or Holocaust Studies.)

    3) He rejected publisher-submitted math textbooks for including passages his administration doesn’t like.
    (Now imagine if it contained passages on Jewish or Holocaust Studies.)

    4) DeSantis has been all for “parent involvement” in schools — as long as the parents support his positions. Parents who wanted mask mandates in their schools were out of luck, as were those who wanted their children to learn an honest history of the United States. And if you were a member of a school board DeSantis didn’t like, or a superintendent in a school district doing something he didn’t like, there wasn’t much freedom for you.

    (Now imagine if you or a family member are medically vulnerable to Covid. DeSantis signed your death certificate.)

    School districts that wanted to remain remote during part of the coronavirus pandemic were targeted by DeSantis, and he banned mask mandates, refusing to allow districts to decide for themselves whether to mandate masks.

    (Now imagine if you or a family member are medically vulnerable to Covid. DeSantis signed your death certificate.)

  6. Jackk, I find it hard to believe you actually wrote all that drivel. You must know that DeSantis’ only “agenda” in this entire foolishness is to protect children from sexualization via Trans and LGBQ+ ideology and from being told how racist they are via CRT ideology. He needs library books to be free of soft core porn and stories about Trans or gay or queer etc children, or about how systemically racist someone is, so that children are not exposed to the poisons that are destroying our nation. He rejected a specific African Studies course (he did not ban African Studies courses) because it was primarily a CRT indoctrination vehicle rather than an educational course. And of course he must reject at least some “publisher-submitted” textbooks, math or otherwise, based on these concerns — publishers submit material that supports LGBQT+ and CRT poison just like they submit anything else.

    And your constant refrain about imagining what if it was Holocaust material he was “banning” (a comment that has no relevance here whatsoever) just makes clear how leftist indoctrination has incapacitated your thought processes.

    You need to think a little bit before you mouth off with such utter stupidity, especially considering that this is a Jewish news site, where the minimum common denominator is that “woke” is not good for anyone.

  7. They shouldn’t have the phones during recess either. This world has totally lost its moral compass. דור המבול all over again. They think that if they repeat nonsense over and over again it becomes the truth.

  8. Good grief. Jackk is back with his LIES and DISTORTIONS. Every single assertion he made is the exact opposite of the truth. As is pretty much everything he writes. If you want to know what pure evil looks like, look at him. I don’t believe someone who thinks like that is likely to be a frum Jew, or even a Jew at all.