ISRAEL ON EDGE: “They’re Shooting, It’s An Arab:” Panic In Ramat HaSharon


Panic spread among the residents of the central Israeli city of Ramat Hasharon when they heard what sounded like gunfire on Monday morning.

Numerous residents frantically called the police and reported a shooting attack.

In a video of the incident, a woman can be heard yelling: “They’re shooting, call the police! I’m videoing it! Hurry! Bring me the phone!”

Police quickly arrived at the scene and fortunately, it turned out that the “shooting” was part of some type of prank carried out by two 18-year-old residents of the city.

“This morning, the police hotline received many reports from citizens about hearing gunshots in Ramat Hasharon,” a statement from the police said. “Many police forces that arrived at the scene recognized a short time later that this was an incident of setting off fireworks.”

“In a quick operation, police officers arrested two 18-year-old suspects, residents of Ramat Hasharon, on suspicion of setting off fireworks. The two were brought to the police station for questioning. The circumstances of the incident are being investigated.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Rav Mattisyahu Zol zeiin gezunt spoke about this 20 years ago when someone in yeshiva accidentaly knocked over a shtender with a loud bang and caused a stampede in which bh noone was injured.

    He then said this is the kiyum of the toichacha of “kol alah nidaf” “venastem veain roidef eschem”

    May we merit the Geulah very soon

  2. This shows that’s the terrorists are being effective: we are terrified of the next potential attack. We will win when they are scared of us instead. ודי להמבין

  3. The kids were playing with fireworks. If they had used some of their brains, they probably would’ve realised how dangerous this is not only because of the fireworks but also if someone with a gun would’ve been there they would have been shot. If that woman videoing had a gun she would probably shoot.