ELIMINATED: Wanted Terrorist Behind Multiple Shooting Attacks Against Israelis


Israeli security forces early Thursday morning eliminated a wanted senior terrorist responsible for multiple shooting attacks against Israeli targets.

In a joint operation of the IDF, Border Police, and the Shin Bet, security forces surrounded the hideout apartment of Amir Abu Khadija, the head of the Tulkarem Brigade terror group, in the village of Izbat Shufa, near Tulkarem in the Shomron.

Khadija responded by firing at the security forces who fired back and injured him. The security forces then ented the apartment, where the gun battle continued – ending with Khadija’s death.

Another senior terrorist who was in the apartment with Khadija turned himself into the security forces.

B’Chasdei Hashem, there were no injuries among the Israeli security forces.

The video below shows Khadija shooting at Israeli forces several months ago:

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. Yes, they got him. Go Israel! The Shabak and Magav are there to keep you safe. You better believe it. You better. If you don’t believe it and neglect to support the state, then you may as well expect more terrorism. You wouldn’t want more terrorism, would you? So, you better support the authorities or else.