INCREDIBLE CHESED: Bobbie’s Place – Impacting Flatbush And Beyond


In the weeks before Pesach, most families are busy shopping for Yom Tov and their children are excitedly waiting to wear their new clothing. At Bobbie’s Place, we remain committed to making sure that every child and teen has something new to wear for Pesach. Distribution to the 12,000 boys and girls and their families who rely on Bobbie’s Place is well underway, and we are still operating at full capacity and clothing hundreds of children and teens every day.

We often explain that Bobbie’s Place gives out clothing but provides its recipients with so much more. Two notes we received last week make that point better than we ever could.

A single mother wrote to say that “It is challenging when it’s noticeable that some kids come from homes with less. It makes the fact that my children’s parents are divorced more obvious and painful for them socially. But through your amazing kindness and generosity, they don’t have to look different over yom tov. They feel like they can fit in socially. You’ve eased my children’s pain considerably over the years, and for that I am so deeply grateful.”

The other note was passed along by one of our volunteers, who wrote that “A Bobbie’s Place customer told me that she has a coworker who is a baalas teshuva who described her journey to becoming frum as a teenager. She said that she was able to start dressing more modestly because there was a store called Bobbie’s Place where she could get appropriate clothing at no cost. Her parents weren’t willing to buy her such clothing, but they were okay with her wearing them if they didn’t have to pay. From that beginning came observance of many more mitzvos, and now she is a frum adult teaching Jewish children.”

The credit for all of this belongs to our dozens of volunteers and all whose contributions allow Bobbie’s Place to help the thousands of families who seek our help.

We have not yet raised all that we need to cover our Pesach costs. If you can, please donate here.

Thank you — your support means so much to us and to all of the Bobbie’s Place families.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. This is an amazing venture, but please have these 2 leading גדולי הדור update their timely message, which was recorded prior to ראש-השנה already 1/2 year ago