Leftist Protesters Burned Photos Of Netanyahu, Incited Murder


A new red line was crossed at the left-wing protests on Monday, with videos appearing on social media showing protesters burning photos of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu in downtown Tel Aviv.

Another frightening video, broadcast on Channel 12 News, shows left-wing protester Giora Chamizer, a well-known TV producer and screenwriter, inciting Netanyahu’s murder.

“His end will be like that of every dictator in our history,” he said to the newscaster, who asked him: “You mean?” The protester responded: “Look on Wikipedia, see where dictators end up, that’s where Bibi will end up.”

The Likud party filed a complaint to the police about both incidents.

“The Likud filed a complaint with the police against Giora Chamitzer for serious incitement to violence and murder against Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and against left-wing protesters who burned the image of the prime minister,” the Likud spokesperson said. “We expect the police and the prosecutor’s office to act immediately and with all their power against the manifestations of incitement and violence against the prime minister and elected officials.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. “Incited” is used here in the loose sense used by Israeli law, not in the strict sense used by American law. In the USA everything described in this story would be 100% protected speech, and it would be illegal for the police to do anything to the protesters for it. But Israel does not have freedom of speech, and in Israel this is a crime for which right-wingers are routinely thrown in prison, so there’s no excuse for treating these leftists any more leniently. But you will see, they will be treated with kid gloves, the police will refuse to do anything to them, and the courts will suddenly discover freedom of speech.

  2. No words.This in the so called jewish state.And Lapid and his friends and all the religious haters even dont condem them,if it would be the opposite then i would like to hear them.This are all anarchist leftist religionhaters and they can do what they want. all this Thirty people should be arrested or send to Iran.

  3. like always nothing wil be done to them bec. they are on theleft side of the map
    if this was a right wing protest or chareidi one they would be trampled by horses and dragged brutaly into custody
    my son was at the right wing protest he got there early he says before there was even alot of people and all was still quite a police officer threw a stun granade into the crowd

  4. A lot of this protest is mixed bag of hatred towards Bibi, towards the religious, and towards the right. Also the left is realizing that its reign is ending since demographically speaking they are shrinking.
    Religious marry young, have large families, and tend to enjoy living in Israel.
    Seculars do not marry much, don’t want kids, and don’t mind living abroad.
    The writing is on the wall and it is painful for them. but no excuse to be hateful.

  5. Dan will once again accuse YWN of publishing hysterical lies since all the protests are peaceful and the picture shown is simply one of early chametz burning. Right, Danny boy?