On The Way To Reb Shayale: Car Flips Over With 5 Bochurim, Evacuated To Hospitals

The car that flipped over.

A car with five yeshivah bochurim who were on their way to visit the tzion of Reb Shayele ben Moshe in Kerestir, Hungary, overturned.

In a neis, the bochurim were only lightly injured although the car was badly damaged.

Emergency medical forces who arrived at the scene administered emergency medical aid and evacuated them to the hospital for evaluation.

“They simply experienced a neis,” a witness told B’Chadrei Chareidim.

Scene of the incident.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)


  1. We need to contemplate and teshuvah. The fact that bochrim or any person going to a tzaddik that’s mekor hachesed and such things happening (close calls and agmas nefesh), who know the חרון אף ר״ל, that’s hovering over klal Yisroel. Why? We try our best yet things like this happens.

    Nobody should jump to conclusions of “why” but make his/her chesbon hanefesh of what we see that has possibly not been around since the Holocaust r”l.

  2. At what speed was the car driving? being saved in a nes takes away zechusim from a person. The Rambam in Moreh Nevuchim which is also quoted by the Ramban in Shar Hagmul states that most Yessurim people have is self inflicted by reckless behavior. He gives an example of someone seeking riches who goes traveling on a boat on the high seas that capsizes & sinks. The person put themselves in a dangerous situation.
    We don’t know the details of this story & we should be dan lekaf zechus, but Chazal tell us that roads are b’chezkas sakanah & maybe there are safety lessons we should learn from these incidents. Many Bachurim sadly aren’t with us today because of reckless driving.

  3. @STEINJ! Besides it being bein hazmanim, I am proud that these boys chose to spend their time going to mekomos hakdoshim rather than wasting time in places they should not be.
    Also i dont think it is accepted to comment on things you are not familiar with.
    These boys were ALL wearing seat belts (when was the last time you saw that?!?) and driving within the speed limit.
    and as @ccb45 has commented please feel free to do a chesbon hanefesh tonight.
    When you hear bad news its bashert that you heard and it is a message from H-shem. Dont make the tragedy come closer to you!
    and @haimy can you say you’ve never sat in a car without a seat belt?

  4. I know someone who was in the car. By the last roundabout before getting to the ohel, they were driving regular speed but didn’t see the roundabout ahead. so therefore, they were going faster than safe for a roundabout, and they flipped over the guardrail and ended up in a ditch. All FOUR bachurim got out of the car themselves even before emergency services arrived. CHASDEI HASHEM!!