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  1. Baruch Hashem, this is such a kiddush Hashem. The whole world will see that these frum yiddin, who live thousands of miles away from real danger, are giving up their whole Sunday morning to show that it’s ok for their fellow yiddin to give up years of their life to protect them.

    Instead, these people should protest the real shmad, that of the US government, since they don’t let our kinderlach learn Torah, and force them to learn secular subjects r”l. This shmad should not be tolerated….

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    I love when people like you come up with these new argument, as if we haven’t heard them before!
    I will try and go through the points I have heard and answer the questions to help you understand.

    The Chofetz Chaim told the committee that was building the hospital that he would sponsor 150 beds.
    When asked how he would be able to fund such a huge amount of money (The Ch”Ch wasn’t exactly on the Forbes 400) he replied that the students in his Yeshiva learning Torah would prevent many people from needing the hospital.
    It may be hard for you to hear that but its the truth.

    Additionally the IDF has no need to draft Yeshiva students. It is downsizing and the heads of the army have repeatedly said that they have no interest in Yeshiva students coming to the army.

    -There is no concept of ‘Equal burden’ until women and Arabs serve as the Israeli men do now.
    Btw, did you know that 1/3 of secular Israelis do not serve in the Army!
    The way to make it equal would be that iuntil the expiration of the Tal law, anyone who wasn’t in Yeshiva had to go the army. So to make it equal, anyone who doesn’t go to the army should go to Yeshiva. Simple!

    -The last argument I have heard is, “Why should my son be putting his life in danger when your son is sitting in a warm Beis Medrash?”
    Well let me ask you, how many of the soldiers in the IDF are in combat positions. I believe it is around 15%.
    Hence the argument itself is flawed.
    Some soldiers are combat, some are intelligence.

    Klal Yisroel needs an army and it needs Torah.
    As it is now, those that aren’t interested in learning go to the army (be it Frum or non frum).