Crack-Smoking Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Gets Daylight Savings Time Wrong


fordToronto Mayor Rob Ford is being roundly mocked on Twitter for a tweet that went out under his name that mistakenly advised people to set their clocks back an hour back instead of forward for daylight savings time.

“Rob Ford: the mayor who won’t even follow the dimensional rules of time,” Toronto sports writer Bruce Arthur tweeted in one response to the gaffe.

Ford, who last year acknowledged he had smoked crack cocaine, continues to draw attention for his erratic behavior, but has refused to resign and is seeking re-election.

A corrected tweet was sent out shortly after the original was erased late Saturday.

Dan Jacobs, Ford’s chief of staff, said Sunday that he made the error in the original tweet that went out.



  1. Could you people grow up please and stop calling this guy a crack head just like you put lapids pic upside down all the time please grow up

  2. I would think twice about posting articles that try to degrade another person in a public forum especially regarding daylight saving time when this website made the same exact mistake on Motzai Shabbos.

    Maybe this site should spend some time posting articles that will inspire others by the great deeds that people do rather then the mistakes that are inherent in the human condition.

  3. I think Mayor Ford’s primary achievement was getting a whole generation of minorities (Toronto/Detroit) to smoke crack and do drugs. A nice heartfelt commercial to our children from the government.

    It’s interesting his crack story made front page news in Croatia/Bosnia area and Sweden I think it was. Not really any other countries was it the entire front page of their major newspapers…

    I guess we should use our intelligence agencies to arrange a toiva crack Mayor in Salt Lake City and put it on front page news in Quebec City and Ireland.

    This Mayor’s “news” is more like an attack and a slap in our little children’s faces than repeat news.